Poetry Affects Eternity: Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo and Shahid Abbas

Elizabeth Castillo
Poetry and sunset they go together,
For indescribable words cannot just be uttered
The moment you lay your eyes on
Such magnificent poetic beauty.

Poetry is the language of the soul,
Love, peace, brotherhood, justice, and harmony are its goal 
The beauty which exists in every mind, 
Reminiscing lovely memories each time.

I am the poetry I write,
The cool breeze brushing your cheeks
The humming birds in a dreamy meadow,
The howling wolf on a mountain peak,
What would be this world without poetry tomorrow?

Shahid Abbas
Poetry is the love in ones' heart, 
I feel the universe and let it be my part 
The image of nature,
Allows us to appreciate all creatures.

Poetry affects eternity,
Though the world is in uncertainty
The verses will be passed on,
Inspire many future generations
We live in the shadow of life's poetry.

Poetry the core of the world,
The Universe exists in it's every word 
The passion
Which awake the dying nations.

A poet's word lives forever,
The lyrics of his song will linger
A thousand years may pass,
But poetry's legacy will last. 

No doubt we will be forever alive 
In the golden pages of literature,
The universe will read 
Of the beautiful creations we have. 

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo / Shahid Abbas
Philippines / Pakistan

Elizabeth Esguerra Cadtillo is a multi-awarded International Author/Poet/Visual Artist from the Philippines. She is the author of 2 books "Seasons of Emotions" (UK) and "Inner Reflections of the Muse" (USA) and a co-author to more than 100 international anthologies. Elizabeth's works were already translated into 13 languages. Elizabeth is currently also pursuing her career in Visual Arts.

Shahid Abbas is an International  Poet and Writer, he was born in a village in Tandlianwala Faisalabad, Pakistan. He finished first a Government Degree Course in Tandlianwala College and also at GC University Faisalabad from where he attained a MA degree in English literature. He began writing poetry at nineteen-years old. Shahid is presently working as an English Teacher. He has received many writing awards from online writing organizations. His works were translated into different languages. Shahid's poetry has been published in many international books as well as his stories in international newspapers. He is the author of " Words From Nature" and a co-author of a haiku book "We Speak In Syllables" and 7 others.

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