Z.T. Balian (Western Voices 2022)

Bio: Born in Beirut to Armenian parents, multilingual French author, Z. T. Balian, holds an MA in English Literature from the American University of Beirut.  After a career as a lecturer at a number of Middle Eastern universities, during which she published several English textbooks, she now devotes her time to writing poetry and fiction.  She published her debut novel, Three Kisses of the Cobra, in 2016.  Her second novel, Fallen Pine Cones, is due for release shortly as are her two collections of haiku poetry, one in English, the other in Armenian.  Her haiku poems in Armenian are regularly published by hayerenblog, and her poetry has previously appeared in Hope: An Anthology of Poetry and Setu Mag’s Poetry: Western Voices (Feb. 2021).   




In the Autumn of that existence

In high winds before the rains

Flying Autumn leaves

In their bittersweet colours

Witnesses to the revelry of nescience

Under Summer’s scorching sun

Nostalgic colours of atavism

Ushering in a haven for past joys and regrets

Filled in forlorn armchairs

Covered in Winter snow

Wistful about finding a numinous mandala

And the resurrection of Spring



This Other Love


Tangible love

Hands-on, touchable,


One for nostalgic

Remembrance of

Things past…

But this other love

Does not have an in-built cessation

Its manifestations

Are re-incarnations…

It is conjugated in

The deep of the heart –

The one you recognize

You loved, love, shall love

In perpetuity…

For a non-believer of

Divine purpose,

The only known mystery



Dust Gathers…

Dust gathers on

Rusty patio rails

Minuscule aches

Accumulating in


In heart folds

As they bore

Deeper and deeper

To reach its core

Dust, grime adhering

To cold iron

In spite of raindrops

Sharp claws of pain

Clinging to the ticker

In defiance of teardrops

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