Poetry: Celebration of Life (Nivedita Roy)

Nivedita Roy
My gaiety, my joy 
Interspersed with some soliloquies 
On a path to find myself, 
I find solace in my scribbles 

Agonies or ecstasies 
Are borne with elan
Painful sagas etched  
Blissful memories are inked 
They are tucked away 
Warmly in my journal

I wish to blossom as the spring  
My writing gives me a swing 
Each step is a lesson 
I am the Cinderella of this season! 

I laugh, I cry
I love, I loathe 
I share, I hide 
I smile, I brood 
I pour out all on a piece of paper

With all its ups and downs 
Life is a celebration 
Poetry is the soirée I attend 

Stricken hearts need a balm 
Stress borne humans need to be calm
The bards alight with a peace branch 
An apparition in white on the ranch
The vast ground for unbridled thoughts 
What can be and what is nought
Poetry is panacea for all that’s lost 

Bio: Nivedita Roy is a teacher by profession. Her educational qualifications include M.A.in English Literature and B.Ed. Presently she teaches in an American Curriculum school in the Kingdom of Bahrain. She pursues writing as a passion .She is a bilingual poetess cum author. Her solo poetry collections in English and Hindi Language are published now. She has also co-authored 9 anthologies since May 2020 till present. She is the recipient of Indian Independence Day literary Honours 2021 by the largest writers forum Motivational strips and Gujarat Sahitya academy. She is the member of the editorial team for ezine, Brahmand: voice of the cosmos, an initiative by Literary Warrior Group curated by Neelam Saxena. She hosts Book Talk shows for published authors and Poetry recital sessions on different platforms.

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