Three Ghazals: Ranjana Sharan Sinha

Ranjana Sharan Sinha

For me the happy drizzling rain in June,
For you the heavy hoards of pain in June.

Romantic thoughts are forced to flee the mind,
Like  refugees on  rough  terrain in  June.

The leafy green umbrella can't protect
The homeless lot with labour vain in June.

A downpour douses many cooking hearths,
The  starving  people can't sustain in June.

It's raining, Ranjana, and deep I think:
Tell me today I lose or gain in June.


The swelling tides of sea tonight,
The moon is bright and full tonight.

The restless waves towards the orb,
This  riddle crosses me  tonight.

A longing flows unseen, unknown:
The flower falls from  tree  tonight.

Some faces linger grey and sad,
Untouched by any glee  tonight.

A flood of visions,  Ranjana--
The verdant grassy lea tonight.


The moon wanes, the stars seem like dead moths-- the wings lost!
The pain melts and pours out as tears salt-- the strings lost!

The dark wisps of night snatches dreams from their eyes,
A blank stare without food in bleak hours-- the springs lost!

A long trudge on life's stony road hard-- misused, used,
Some stray dogs become friends to play with-- things lost!

I see life that doesn't stop and goes by like fast trains,
The sun sinks and shades captured can't stay-- the slings lost!

The poor-rich divide kills and they move without hope,
In these mines of stark dearth there's bright gold-- the bling lost!

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