Poetry: Jyotirmoy Sil

Jyotirmoy Sil
Death of a sire

Beside a cylindrical pillar,
Where strange graffiti 
Merge with signs of pierced hearts
Infatuated names,
Lies a sire with his last few breaths. 
Numb lips seek to tremble,
"La ilah…
Folks pass this congested passage
Ignoring such annoying trifles…
"Dua! Dua!”
Vacant chants for steel pennies 
Discordant gibberish
Whips of hunger
Unheard melodies
For so many a years
Have been etching some tarnished epiphanies;
Like a rugged Isaiah under the elm
Telling of a forthwith rotten time,
Mutters the sire with shivering tongue,
"La ilah..."
One last time…
Before stretching the loon body for a rusted hearse,
With pale eyes and dried throat,
The fallen seraphim utters a twisted apostles,
"La ilaha...illi…”
Folks pass with covered noses
Ignoring such annoying trifles…

Requiem for a Scarecrow
A blurry field,
Gloomy sight;
A scarecrow!
Its mystic eyes and cruel smile 
As if waiting for ages
To induce a sire to its dark mires.
Cruelly ensnared…
Some archaic cults
In a morphed realm,
That perplexed mind,
Yet fixed nothing.
Flashing visions induced chaos--
Some days' clusters, 
Grandfather's radio
Broken decades ago,
Juxtaposing cold pebbles with tiny oysters,
Crossing unknown miles,
Mild breeze touching her hair,
Fragments of wounds,
Intriguing lines...
Stranger tides,
Cold streams.
Misty echoed commensurate with
Corrosive sublimation.
This is how,
When the thrashes in an ominous circle did bestow,
I desired to become a scarecrow.

Girl who walked by the railway track to school

She used to walk by the rail lines,
Swallowing tamarind pickle.
Way to school,
Back to the slum
Red tape of her shriveled hairs
Contrasted with the gray spheres. 

She used to hum the tales;
Of faded school bells
Frivolous errors
Mystique chapter on longitudes; 
Of dust and dipping inks.

She used to walk by the rail lines
Way to school
Back to the slum.
Flickered with tiny dreams.

Then this girl was married off. 

Heat of noon
Staggering bees
Fading fense 
Grammar or tense
Annoying trigonometry;
--nothing remains.

Sheer fense!

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