Sasha Lauren (Freedom 2022)

Sasha Lauren

The Sun Is Still the Same

He spoke so low it was a growl, 
she sighed so loud it was a howl. 
A growl, a howl, the day was young,
she felt contained, and he, high strung.

They tussled verbally about the world,
the acrid circumstances, crass, absurd.
She said, "I have always felt this way.
I just never put it so clearly on display."

"Inhumane politics, inane and cruel,"
they argued; each thought the other a fool.
"Our nations really ought to be at peace,"
but disagreements between them did not cease.

A sigh, a howl, increasing acrimony,
"Your retorts are smug, and you're a phony.
You need to look back at history to learn,"
"Stop talking, you're clueless; you've had your turn."

"All you say seems to come from soundbites,
I won't be quiet, and I will continue to fight."
A growl, a sigh, the day was bright,
be civil with your neighbor, even when you're right.

Each one feels certain in their own minds.
he is a centrist; she believes that's blind.
"This moral concession got us in this bind.
as the ink dried, a deal with the devil, signed."

These are my views, and the sun is still the same,
which corruption came first; who deserves the blame?
A growl, a howl, a sigh, the sun,
the questions remain as each day is done. 

No Quid Pro Quo

I had a dream that I was dead,
then I awoke, safe in bed.
There were no saviors waiting there,
but I was free, light as air.
No religion, no quid pro quo,
no bullies or trolls out for a stroll.
I floated and twirled, a dancing dervish,
and waved my fists without a skirmish.
I had a dream that I was young,
upside down from a tree I hung.
I awoke to find that I was old
with tales to tell before this hand I fold.
There are no saviors waiting here,
just good or bad folk far and near.
I relish the dimension with no quid pro quo
when I am ready, into that world I will go.

I Wish You Wings

I wrote this for my friend, a musician, when he was trapped in a Ukrainian bunker.

I wish you wings, to fly, to soar
Beyond the bunker, outside closed doors.
I wish you hope, to cope, to roar
Against the hatred we all abhor.

I wish you safety, peace of mind,
All the sunflowers you can find.
I wish you water to cleanse dirt and grime,
And food to renourish your body in time.

I wish you well, dear friend, be strong
I wish you health: short-term, life-long.
I ache to hear your freedom song.
I wish you well, dear friend, be strong.

Lovely Day by Sasha Lauren

Bio: Patient safety educator and artist Sasha Lauren is the author of The Paris Predicament, a dramatic, whimsical, feel-good novel about a portrait artist in Paris who goes on a journey for meaning and redemption. Sasha contributes articles about consumer safety to CityWatch Los Angeles.

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