Steven Ross (Freedom 2022)

Steven Ross
Metal Prison

Trapped inside this withered shell
Fading quickly, soon farewell
Peering out I see the world
For much of life, my curses hurled
Ringing off the walls, my cries
Eaten by ‘what if’s?’ and ‘why’s?’
Bitter at the hand was dealt
Behind pained eyes my spirit dwelt
Envious of those who walk
Try as I might, I cannot talk
Cannot run, make love, or shout
Always within, ever without
My metal prison, hated chair
Throne of tears, seat of despair
These thoughts of yours you think are mine
To mold into your own design
You see me feeble. Broken. Weak
Piteous, my outlook bleak
Before you think to pity me
Remember that my mind is free
My eyes still work, my spirit strong
I have a place, I do belong


Purchased at a
Bloody cost
Counted in the
Souls ‘twere lost
Kill your brother
Claim the prize
Shellshocked faces
Children’s cries
Bombed out buildings
Bodies torn
Simply for the
Colors worn
Is it for the
Right to brag
They burn the cross
Salute the flag
With off-key notes
We shall sing
Freedom such
A fragile thing


Shackles of flesh surround
Unable to express
The essence
What lay beneath
Glassy, dead, doll-eyes
Where ice chip gleam -
A pale pantomime of life
Smothered by certainty
It has no will
Tethered tightly
The puppeteer’s strings
A hangman’s noose
As its tin-man heart
Beats a hollow death rattle
It wants to be real
It wants to be alive

Bio: Steven Ross is a Canadian Author and Poet hailing from just outside of the Nation’s Capital. A weaver of dark words, with a penchant for penning tales both visceral and disturbing, you will often find him lurking in the bloodstained shadows of the horror genre.
Never one to be satisfied with being cast in a single mold though, he also enjoys writing poetry focused on all aspects of life: from pain, loss and suffering to tales of romance and erotic desire, to good ol’ fashioned humor.
So come, gentle reader, he has something behind his curtain just for you. A word of caution though: It may have teeth…it may bite…

Published works:
Love of the Hunt -
Lines of Light & Night -
Steven Ross SNS:


  1. Bleak and beautiful! Well done Steven!

    1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your kind words.

  2. Beautiful poetry Steven. As usual you have a way with words that invokes strong emotions.

    1. Thank you, i truly appreciate that!


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