Poetry: Diya Baral

Diya Baral

We live our life
In joys and sorrows,
In despair and ecstasy.
We live our life
In little moments,
In every single breathe.
We live in companionship,
We live individually,
But above all we live for ourselves.
Sometimes our life is connected socially,
Sometimes our life reverberates eternity.
The manifestation of life on earth
Still creates a wonder to me.
It’s a search within that who am I?
It’s a search outside that who you are?
The search moves on,
Eternizing the little moments of life.


Time has a bag
On it’s back,
Into which Time has been storing pebbles 
Since oblivious past.

What Time would store 
Like a child playing,
On the sea-shore,
Nobody knows the reason.

Be it a glimpse of a trivial thing,
Or a serious one,
Or may be something ridiculous.
The concept of time
Lives on, in the memory,
Be it individual memory
Or the collective memory.

Time present, time past
And time future,
Collaborating, synchronizing,
Reverberating-time eternal.


I know you’re my godfather.
But, I don’t know what is God…
But I know what is father.
You’re not my biological father, 
But you’re my godfather.

You are a Fascist,
You are a brute,
You are a Panzer-man,
You are a black shoe…
But, you’re my godfather.

You have accustomed myself 
With a fashionable lifestyle,
You have made me
Famous person,
But now you’re in darkness,
Just like me. 
But you’re my godfather,
Anytime, everytime and all time.

Bio: Diya Baral is currently pursuing English Honours at Brahmananda Keshab Chandra College. She loves to write poems and articles. One of her poems got published in the book, named “Poetry Unites: An Anthology Of Verse.” One of her essays also got published in the college magazine, “Lekhamanjari.” She has also presented papers in student seminars.


  1. Excellent Diya . Touched my heart. ❤️

  2. Diya, you have expressed the inner most philosophy of life in 'Moments 'and 'Time '. Just excellent.

  3. Speechless. The very truth of life. Well done.


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