Poetry: Navratra

Tring - Tring, The Bell will Ring

Tring - tring, the bell rang
And the exam hall is the venue
Are you ready for the party,
with tasty question paper in menu?

Tring - tring, the bell rang
And now requesting you to write
You will just get three hours,
for making your future bright

Tring - tring, the bell rang
Oh, this sound is coming out of brain
Will I be able to complete on time,
or my hardwork will be in vain?

Tring - tring, the bell rang
Thirty minutes, fifteen minutes, last five minutes to go
Hand is moving faster,
But faster is the sweat flow

Tring - tring, tring - tring
Time's up, stop writing!
Submit the script, get back to work
Your next treat is inviting

Everytime the same process,
the same pressure, the same sound
But one day all this will end
I'll be successful, I'll be crowned

Tring - tring, the bell will ring 
the voice will be from my heart
Very well done dear little girl,
The job is done on your part!


Rosy lips, dimpled cheeks
and your long black hair
Celestial nose, pretty eyes,
your colour is also fair

Such attributes of beauty
Oh! am amazed to see your grace
But more amazed to realise,
I find something missing at your face

Alas! These features of yours
are not attracting me towards you
But I find attraction 
from a brown cheeked lady,
sitting just beside you

What power it could be?
I wonder for a while
Then I discovered the miracle,
her alluring smile

Stuck confused I thought,
without losing her sight,
How the definition of beauty could be changed?
Under such brown light

Finally I reached my destination,
and leaving those ladies in the train,
I walked towards my home,
with doubts still in my brain

Next morning I came out of this dilemma,
When my mother cleared all my doubts
Changing how my head was designed,
She told me,
there could be some things
which can not be defined

Beauty is something
which is nowhere in the world,
it resides in our eyes
We can see light or dark,
in both sun-set and sun-rise

We are your 'WELL - WISHERS'

From the very beginning of your life,
success is the only goal which thrives
Shed your sweat, shed your blood,
if there is no success,
you will get nothing but a gossiping flood

Even before you were born,
there was a fix path to the 'success - throne'
Be a doctor, be an engineer
or try to crack the UPSC test
Achieve something big in life
or accept, you are not the best!

Here we are, Your 'WELL – WISHERS'
And we want you to be
one of the 'Noble - winners'
What if you like to write,
what if you like to cook,
what if you like to dance,
there is no scope in all such fields,
so we can't give you any chance

Success in a renown field,
this is what you have to seek
Don't try to do something distinguished
you have to follow others,
you have to stay meek

What do you think!
We don't know, what is right
or what is wrong?
We know what is good for you
We are experienced from very long

We are 'not' critics,
we are as 'honorable' as Brutus
We don't want you to be weak,
we just want you to do what we say
Don't listen what your 'senseless' heart speak

We are your 'WELL - WISHERS'
We want you to be great
What if you are out of the herd!
We want you to go with us,
we want you to move straight

Author’s bio: Navratra is an emerging poetess (writer), public speaker and artist from Jaipur, India.  Her poems have been published in various national and international journals.  Apart from this, she is very interested in the thrilling trips of the country and the world and likes to write spontaneously on various subjects according to her observation.



  1. Beautiful poems filled with the realities of life!!!

  2. Amazing poems!...well written!


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