Amy Sundby Jeanchaiyaphum

The first artist for your show springs to mind immediately, is on the tip of your tongue the moment you hear of your duty, seems so obvious it’s almost common sensical. You’ve known Minneapolis institution Amy Sundby Jeanchaiyaphum since your youth, have watched this scion from a long line of accomplished artists fabulously ascend in real time to become one of the Twin Cities’ most sensational portrait photographers, perfected her unique and masterful painting style that will be especially adored by enthusiasts of Margaret Keane and Louis Wain, were aware she just staged a highly successful show at a prestigious art gallery in your area for her fine art photography and digital work which garnered rave reviews. 

Reaching out you’re thrilled to discover she is delighted to participate, generously lends two most striking pieces for Setu’s audience to glory in and meditate thoughtfully upon. These bold examples of her latest thrilling approach evince a fascinating and almost mesmeric quality, symmetry evoking the idea of reflection and synthesis, calling to mind dialectical tensions, duplicity and doppelgangers, mandalas and the Jungian archetypal shadow.

When onlookers gaze into them, there is a distinct feeling something in their potent churning voids almost stares back at us from a primordial timeless place at protean formless center, not unlike the childhood experience of peering hard into a campfire’s flames. Those interested in commissioning new work or purchasing existing pieces, paintings, photography, or portraiture, should contact Amy via her websites, and inquire with the Spruce gallery in Minneapolis where her recent collection currently is on display.

BIO: Amy Sundby Jeanchaiyaphum has more than 20 years of national and international photographic experience, a BFA from the University of Minnesota, and is the child of two acclaimed artists, Her creative skill and talents are deeply rooted. Along with individuals, couples and families, she often works with architects, magazine editors, and professional musicians. She is also an exceptional author and poet, whose work you can read on Medium, and whose first novel is soon to be released.

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