Atur Bey - Karbi

Atur Bey

Chungjir apor ahut

Rong Aje amonjirso

Neseng along nelut tanglo.



Ar'e abutin along


Khei araje, pindengsumpot-

penchenglok nang kacheklang.


Jutang ate'ui

Somindar along japtanglo.

Hunmelan ben longri along

Tomthip sido.


Mahunben kangjarphoi asengveta

Jutang amongve jap tanglo.


Brahmaputra along pen kithur ahunmelan

Jutang aklam along krungdir sido.


Karbi akehai aphurkimo along

Ser adak pen kelakha ponrap

Suri suri akai a ove pachethan lonang.




-        English translation by Welsing Hanse

When the winter’s cold began to subside

The air of festival

Made its way into my heart.



In a dew drop

The face of the tribe, the attires –

The tradition in entirety appears.


The breeze of culture

Spreads all over the world.

Like the early morning fog

It covers the land.


A heart wandering like cloud too

Senses the scent of tradition.


The mist rising from the Brahmaputra

Loiters around the festival site

Reluctant to leave.


In the history of Karbi

May the event be scripted in golden letters.

Let it survive for thousand years.



Anam ke -

nangta chinine langbon.


Ebuvet tame sengve kangjir archim

Sonsuri alamthe ponsi durmi raptanglo.


Alongduk keprat emu anke

Monjir vansi nang paronang.


Klolin ahut malongding

Atur anta kadure.


Sumpunvet amonjir nejap lote

Sengve arlo karbirlak asining

Mindar nang ketet ji ason.


Sengve kangring klovi....!


Himaloi Anglong archim

Pensi sek'ik kijui rap

Kilikreng aroi pusita

Langbi isi cheman tanglo.





        --English translation by Welsing Hanse


You’re unknowing of the price.


Although just a solitary droplet from a molten heart

It has touched the earth with a thousand words within.


As it scatters laden with soil

Let the breeze come and touch you.


In the dark night when the moon is nowhere to be seen,

The world seeks for its beam.


When the lonely wind touches me

The lightning within my heart

Tries to come out in the world.


My heart always in fear of the fall.....!


With the dew from the Himalayas

Play my longing eyes

This ever flowing river

Has begun to stop and form a lake.



Bio: Atur Bey is a young poet and lyricist.  At such a young age he has written numerous poems and songs and had won many awards for his excellent work. Atur was born on 30th October, 2003. He was born at On Bey village, Den Arong, Karbi Anglong, Assam. His father’s name is Sri Densing Bey. He is a farmer. Atur’s mother Smt Reena Rongpipi sells traditional costumes in the weekly market. Atur Bey started his schooling at Dengaon English L.P. School where he studied upto 5th standard. Then he studied class VI and VII at Chinthong Ronghang English M.E. School, Dengaon.

After that from Class VIII to matriculation he went to Mount Sinai English High School, Dengaon.  He passed his Higher Secondary from Alpha Beta Jr. College, Nagaon. Now he is pursuing Degree at Nowgong College ( autonomous), Nagaon. Atur published his own poetry which is Sengve Alankchor publishing under Karbi Lammet Amei and Klodop Asek'ik published by Evince  Publishing.

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  1. "A fallen drops of tears" Amazing poems.

    Keep it up Sir


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