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Bijit Gwra Ramchiary


Gwthwi dwimani pharnwi rungung serao
Berephungja-phungja nudwngmwn
Gwthang gwrlwi gangsw phwrni sayao
Jiu gwmanai subungphwrni soho

Thwiphwrkhwou bwhwinai nudwngmwn
Gwthwini nijwn daharao
Buhumni bikha gejerao jinir nangnai
Beyw mwnse gidir dakhwn

Bima-Bipha sanwibw nena dongomwn
Nathai, jebw gidirsin onthwb gwianwn
Be songsarao
Jebla thwini gwja gabkhwou
Akhaiao jwngnw gothaiyw 

Jwngni bikhaya bontho badi rwhw-rwhw khamw
Arw dandisenw gwran buhuma gusu okhajwng siglabw
Okhorse phukhrini serao jwng
Gwswkhangw santhro haywi gwmalangnai
Angwphwrni mohor-mwkhangphwrkhou

Naihor honwi Gwthwi dwisakhwou
Nwng mabaphwr nuhurdwng ne ?
Nathai ang nuhurdwng khaise thwini dagw
Jerwi bwhwiyw thwini rwdayao kharsrabai thanai thwi

Belarwm som jabwnai lwgw lwgw
Gwthang mukhub simang phwra
Bwhwikhar langw Gwthwini dwi daharao
Jenoba buhumni sithase khwmsia
Mwikhari badi khuga sina dongo

Dinwi phin angni gami arw ang 
Undu phinnw hanai nonglia.

English Translation

The two sides of Death
As soon as morning
The dead bodies of people are seen
On the green grass.

The blood is falling in Death yelling
I have seen
It is a stigma dropped on the
Face of the world.

Mother and father were together
But, nothing surprises in this world
When handing over blood to us.

Our hearts burn like wood
Dry world gets cold by rain
Staying in front of a pond, we miss
Thousands of lost faces.

Look at Death.
Did you see anything? 
I still see something stuck
Like a red blood flowing inside the blood cycle.

When the evening goes down
Busy dreams of the body
Flows through the waves of Death
A part of the darkness comes into the world
By opening the mouth

The village and I will not sleep again tonight.


Angni okhrangni singao
Santhro haywi muaphwrkhwu
Phwthainaini unaobw
Gaokhou phwthainaya jwbwr gwbrab
Subungphwra gaonikhrui phwthayw abong laorikhwou, nongkhaikhwou, mwikhari phwrkhwou
Nathai jwng phwthaiya nosungseni subungphwrkhwou

Bekhainw guli-barud phwra
Sanpha apha gwhw gwra jabwdwng
Rwja-rwja subungphwrkhwou butharsrangnaini unaobw

Beyw mengakhwi
Manwna beyw gaokhwou arw gaoni gwhw bwlwkhwou phwthayw

Jwng daohani thakhai khanthi siphaibai
Buhumni gilu -balu gwhwkhwou dinthinw

Gwjwna da buhumniphrai gwma langbai

Odebani subunga gaoni thakhai
Arw subungphwrni thakhai khebse
Gaokhwou phwthai nangwoumwn
Nathai, subungphwra khebseni thakhaibw
Swdrwm jananwi dinthi hayakhiswi.

English Translation

Under my sky
There are many things
Despite trusting them all
It's so hard to believe myself
People trust in God more than themselves.
People trust lies
People trust terrorists
We don't even trust our neighbours.

So even today, ammunition becames the most powerful
Even after killing millions of people
It is not tired
Because it relies on its power
And people, didn't even trust themselves.

We break the law for war
To show the awesome powers in the world

Peace is lost!

If those terrible powers are so confident
For once, people should trust themselves
To be good and superior.
There is no more valuable trustworthy thing in the world
And people cannot even trust themselves.


PROFILE: Bijit Gwra Ramchiary ( Born in 1991 India, Assam) is a Bodo poet, fiction writer and translator. He was born in 1991 in Choudhuritup, Assam, North East India. He holds Bachelor's Degree in science and knows English and Hindi besides Bodo . He has also been translating into Bodo and some of his poems and stories have been published in various literary journals. He has four publications Gwrbwni Aroj ( poetry) , Rojenw Lirnai Angni Laijam( short stories) , Hor Gejerni Mwsa ( novel) and Khwmsi Horni Unao ( novel)  to his credit. His literary award achievement is Sahitya akademy yuva puraskar 2017, Dr. Ambedkar sahityashree national award 2018, Delhi. Indigenous Voices of India :: Setu, November 2022

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  1. Time tested modern poems of the struggling world written by Bijit Gwra Ramchiary from Brahmaputra villey. Heartiest thanks to the for publishing his heart rendering poems that revealing sorrows and sufferings of the common people!


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