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Joba Murmu


Aamah Jahan Sanang menah

Aam Aam tege Aangoch me

Tobe nama sari sot niray dular


Aam Aam tege tunumoh me

Ontor mone taam chenghay me

Japid riday tam ebhenem

Tobe enang em baday nama

Amah riday renah gaheer uyhar

Sarcha mone renah dish hudish


Aalom uyharoa lichad geyam

Aalom mokonjoa hudinj geyam

Aam rehon menah niphot niray

Potkoj ochoy me kahed dare

Poha sagen me legej legej

Jo bahay me dharti sared


Aamah onah lasandhed uyhar

Aamah onah gonorhed om

Taapu koh mah ridai garh re

Badijah ko do saha kah me

Bugiyah ko do aangoch jong me

Hinsaka holong ko do Aredh farak me


DESIRE (English translation)


The desire of your heart can only be fulfilled by you.

And that is how you achieve the power of pure love

Together we will write our destiny on paper.


Search for yourself in the mirror, wake up.

Open the windows and enlighten your soul.

And you will then realise, who you are.

The journey you came for and to wander for your thoughts.


Sow the seeds and let them grow.

Let them bloom and spread the fragrance around.

And then with new dawn, build a foundation for the future.


Don’t stop, don’t be scared

Difficult are the times, but it is just the phase.

You are made to achieve some more.

Remember your goal and work on the row

Ignore everything that stops you,

Put all the negatives behind

And lead your way ahead with a smile.








Niray Paled Hijuh Kana,

Sirjoniya hah Hoho Araang Ajomoh Kana.

Oneh Serama Re Hoye Bardu Rakab Aena,

Gota Para Nyutat Tarse Aena,

Gitil Dhuri Te Pored Akaan Rimil,

Dharti Gotay Esed Chaba Keya.

Sinyg Ho Nida Leka Aatker Aena,

Nyut Ho SeretAena Tala Nida,

Nonka Bujawaoh Kana Aarhoh Bangge Hijuh,

Nowa Nida Reyah Sagun Setah Do.

Nida Reyah Cheen Cheetur Hal-Bal Te,

Botoroh Kana ko Joto Manmi Jiv Jiyali,

Menkhan Jug-Jug Khon Hej Aagu Aakan Sagun Setah,

Mone Jiwi Aarijh Kodoh Leka Muluj Landa Seter Enay.

Niray Paled Hijuh Kana,

Sirjoniya hah Hoho Araang Ajomoh Kana.



HARMONY (English translation)


Harmony might be destined

I can hear the Lord speaking.

Look how the dark clouds cover the blue sky

Blanketing out the star, moon and all the shine.

Shadow of despair has spread all over

Bringing in the darkest night ever before.

The dark took over the bright.

Night is approaching early, tonight.

As the daylight is in far sight

It is going to be a long, long night.

There is unrest in the world.

The living are scared and praying to the Lord.

Night comes to an end bringing the rising sun.

Taking over our hearts for a run

Hopes of a happy ending

Without sorrow for its spoiling.

The unrest will settle

And the echo of peace will bestow all over.

Harmony might be destined

I can hear the Lord speaking.



PROFILE: Joba Murmu received the Bal Sahitya Purushkar from Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi in 2017. She is a Government school teacher. She is a versatile content writer proficient in research, editing diverse content. She has 20 years of experience in superior performance in remote environments.

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