Jwishri Boro - Bodo

Jwishri Boro

Dubri Arw Udangshree


Gusthi fenjanai jai boyjwngbw

Mabwrwi bungnw udangshreeni bathra?

Raojwng, faojwng gadobjadwng jai

Mabwrwi bungnw bargonaini bathra?

Jiumayanw Jerao neosigarjanai

Mabwrwi bungnw jioao louhabnaini bathra?


Theobw Khoro dwikhangnaini gwhwkhou Ishwranw horkhadwng,

Gusthi fijinaini gwhwkhou jwnwmanonw mwnbwkhadwng,

Sanni rwdayao gaokhounw fwjwngkhangnw jiumaya bithwn hwkhadwng.


Nwng ang gusthi fenblabw

Nwng-ang gadamblenw najablabw;

Dubriya udangwi hang bwnaini mwnthai dong.

Dubriya nihwrjwng bilwgw khanaini mwnthai dong.

Dubriya gaglija gaglija swrnwba jiu hwnaini gwhw dong.

Dubriya lothase dwiyao swmbronanwi ,

Buhumkhou gwthar khalamnw hanaini udangshree dong.


Durva and Freedom


                              Origin in Bodo- Jwishri Boro

Translated by- Bhuma Rani Bargoyary



Being ignored by all

How would one speak of freedom?

Let down of words and gesture

How would one express liberty?

Where the soul itself is forsaken

How would one speak of life’s endurance?


Still the Almighty has bestowed the strength to uphold our heads,

The strength to speak is our birth right,

To enlighten oneself with the rays of the rising sun, is the command of the soul.


You - me though ignore

You - me though try to defeat;

Durva has the right to breathe freely.

Durva has the liberty to bond in friendship with the dew.

Durva thought trampled several times has the courage to give life.

Durva when dipped in a lota (Kalash) of water has the freedom to purify the earth.






Nwngni-Angni Mwkhang


Gwmaniya gwjam huda

Bobao bobaodi habsonna thayw

Jiuni wngthi!


Bekhou dangrwm bwikhou sigrwm

Jiuni kharthaiyabwdi mohor swlaiyw

Nwng-Ang bandasw thasarini.


Swdwbni dingayao gwjaow simangni swler

Dwimani dwiyabw gab swlaibai thayw


Dukhukhou fwjao fwjao

Nwng-Ang gannw najayw

Rongjashuli gwswni mukha.



Your and My faces


                              Origin in Bodo- Jwishri Boro

Translated by- Bijit Goyary



The lost dies hard; old habits die hard.

Hide out somewhere, the curious.

The significance of life!


Searching hither and thither

The motion of life camouflages too.

The flunkeys of time we are.


A dream of a body floating on words like a boat

And a switch of colours on the river water.


Sorrows soaring in the air

You and I seek to sport the radiant mask

of our solitary heart.

BIO: Jwishri Boro, Born on 16th January 1980, Master of Arts(Bodo) was awarded by Sahitya Akademi Yuva Purasker 2011 by Sahitya Akademi and Shatabdi Shamman 2019 by Bihar Hindi Sahitya Shammelan for her creativity works in literature. She also invited by the President of India Shri Pranab Kumar Mukherjee for the programme “writers-in-residence programme 2016” in the Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi, where she was treated as the guest of The Honorable President of India for 15 days. She has eight publications till now. She is stenographer by profession at Bodoland Territorial Council Secretariat, BTC, Kokrajhar,BTAD,Assam.

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