Longbir Terang - Karbi

Longbir Terang
Monsam Arindi


pini pen monsam ahemtun kim lonang

choklo, choklo
langloilo, arjuselet tanglo

kachelangselet, kachelang un'e,
chebohong, chingchek,
lamki, hotur,
ningkeho, ningkeso
ingthin ki'ik

chington, pinrem, khamkhe
ron, thama, bikar ason

kanghon pen chelarplot un'elo ma?

Kedotang ason chepangbodet si
kavedet ason itum kiri aret le
konat si kelongpo mati

itum arideng si do,
muthe kikim alar kiphriji aphan
akemang dobomlang pulote virpo.

Oh korte, ingjir
toh itum cherappet ra
monsam arindi
kim-rang patangdet te, kosonji??

Bor'i sinang ma
non ephong, asat chelangnang.





An Abode of Peace

Come on and head out,

Let’s build an abode of peace

I’ve seen enough, I’ve heard enough

Of  hatred, enmity,
fights, quarrels
jealousy, adversary
bitterness, annoyance,

rebuke, condemn, impediment
wars, battles, like a poison

Can’t love alter our hearts?

We have lost what we had,
To gain what we don’t; how can we?

It is in our hands,
but dreaming to build by destruction

will only bring calamity

Oh brothers and sisters
How will it be, to come together

and build ourselves an abode of peace?

Shall we try once
By and by,
Let’s test ourselves.


Translated by Chokamkuru Teron, Sarpinpo Teron & Cynthia Hansepi




Chethe Dotik


Dengmet arvo kachingjui ason non

          apor kedam….


Sumsi arta ta batbe pu kalidet

          asengkan kachelar aling




seme ketang,

          lamrai kedeng


chun-chunche ta

          kai akachesong along akengkam pen



Arbak le pupe tame

          chikip unchit an


          ningkangsam lapen

          kanghon le


cheronlong anta

          lahinhin akerap doji


Chuning ke litˈetlo,

Pining vangthulo


Katheang adap kimi atur



ejakong dotik

borˈibom lonang.




Till the Last Breath

Like the falling leaves of trees
As time passes…

Man doesn’t stop aging
It goes along with the years;

To pledge an oath,
A word of honour

Whether we fulfil or not
To befriend every step of struggle in life

Not even if we bear
Just enough to grasp;
Peace and love

To prosper one another,
Can be enough help for each other

The past year has gone,
The new one has come

With a glimpse of new morning’s sun,
the breath and strength that’s left;
Let us keep striving.


Translated by Chokamkuru Teron, Sarpinpo Teron & Cynthia Hansepi



Short Bio-

Longbir Terang, a Karbi poet, lyricist and translator hails from Diphu, Karbi Anglong, Northeast India. He has written two books- “Sengve Alunjir Vol.1” (Karbi/2019) - collection of love poems and ‘Karbi Ahirjir Aklong Alam Kangsirdam Vol.1’ (Karbi/2019) - critical writings. He has co-edited ‘Sengve Arlo Aharchi Archim Vol.I&II’ (Karbi/2019&2021) - poetry collection and ‘Songs of the Karbi Hills’- An Anthology of Contemporary Karbi Poetry (English/2021). He has written many Karbi songs for music albums and others. At present, he is the member of Karbi Lammet Amei (Karbi Literary Organization), Diphu and Asst. Secretary of Jambili Literary Foundation (JLF), Diphu.

E-mail: longbirterangdili@gmail.com

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