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Ramen Ingti

Inglongpo, Suri Anglong

Arnam Sarpo, Athan Kethe _

Karjulong pen anta

Keloji pu eno kacheroktok asonsi,

Nangmen pen anta

Karbi Langpi akungsi

Ne nangphan "Polas Apu" kapapu langdamnang pu

Nangkanghongding ben ason sido.

Ne nangchetong etlo tahai,

Mate nangchetong telang tahai.

Bonta mantune si iri che'ot ponchom pen

Thangthang, There amonjirso ajo

"Polas Amir" vaidamrap etlo ason,

La itum kacheme;

Ne ahutpen matha damdam...

Kekok tangdong ahonjeng dakpet ra,

Mangthunthu un'e detna pu;

Chuhut ason neke KP message lo hengno,

Sika kethom, Sika kre kethom a’message


Pini kijutlo pu ason kalilo nonke-

Anchot ta kali sengkarong kaphere pen


Phun nangkacholo joijoi ason anke_

Sengkarong avelo nonke;

Sengkarong, chojak, kaphere pen pusita

Pusi juchethanbom pen

Rani-rani pedam bomlo itum angbong _

Khamkhe suri le dosita,

Parai-harai kekap adondon ke thirthip si

Langroi alang kilivoi asonben si doverpo.

Nangloji e...ta nanglo longle

Nangloji pule pusita kangnek ahanmi aphanchot ason...

Nanglonon puta

Sorjon pen kachevan kengjak hongnivet

Nonpu nanglo thekthe.

Nanglam kedok ate'ot


Akedok, kethor chingvuikung tanglo nonke_

Bonta ne kemang ason

Kapeplengji doveklang...

Arnisi le arnisi nangrindi nangcheloji,

Ne nangri nang'ot pondong pensi

Nangponji Thangthang, There achiklo "Polas Amir" kapapu ajo.


English translation



Inglongpo, Suri hills

Arnam Sarpo, Athan Kethe...

Simply on hearing the names

The ears are alerted, and the heart craves to reach them,

Just with your name

On the bank of Karbi Langpi

Seeking a companion to go and see the ‘blooming polash’

It seems I keep waiting for you.

I may have met you,

Or might not have met you.

But it feels like

Walking hand in hand among the air of February, March

We went together to pluck the polash flower,

That is the understanding between us.

Sometimes I am anxious with the thought...

If the thread we tied breaks,

And I fail to join them;

I cannot send you messages like before

The message of three, thirteen rupees

It is not a thing that it will end today -

Moreover, it is lot like

Making calls to you without letting others know -

There is no more joy left;

With joy, shyness, and a little fear

With such love conversations

We have been passing days together

Even in the presence of the numerous challenges,

The bridge linking the two banks will stand firm

Like the flowing water of the river.

I desire to come... but I can’t

Though I come, it becomes a pun,

Even if you permit me to come

I only have the legs gifted at the time of my creation

So still I couldn't come.

The sweetness in your voice


Now is filled with bitterness and sourness-

But my longings


Are yet to be achieved...

Someday soon, I will come to your house,

Holding your hand

I will take you to February, March, among the blooming polash flowers.




Singkreng vangjirjir

Malin adap Hunmelan tokpong..

Sengve kangsam klojet


Ne chejot phodunde bangso ahunmelan-

Nangkapelamso tekang pen


Nephan nangkehanghang

Mantune ke Kangthilangso alangsun ariri,

Mantune ke Karbi Langpi ari..

Umrongso achingnan arum.

Mangmunben chot puta

Monjirso le nangjapvir anta

Ne’ok soluk po chungthuhur... titi

Neke kekenglep adengmet

Mongvepi nepajap longri

Mo lokpet te angtut dolong si thulutji;

Chingnan arum kesang,

Angmi nekero ingthakso sita

Kangthilangso alangsun alang asonsi

Sengkangsam amonjir krungdir...


Ne'ok arlo-

Katjui na pu kaphere


Ne pechonpli haihe.

Ne ase pethe haihe


Ingho penle pebar sita-

Mir kapapu kachingdatri ben ason


Neseng arlo borvet sido,

Ahok Mir pulote kapapudun sungpik ji'ong

Ne ingphor katharun ingrengkluk puta

Nangke kelak keleng ave


Kaike taplihing ason-

Kosonsi nangkero nangji?


Ne chinine,


Mo apor nangleji-

Neseng arlo pen nangpechon si


Monjirso pen nangpajirpo dunji

(Sengve kethe si abor kelong putang apot)


SOMETIMES (English translation)


Arrival of the early winter

Morning ruled by the mist

Soothing the heart so deeply

I stretch high but can’t catch the mist -

They whisper to me

And invite me

Sometimes beside the pool of Kangthilangso waterfall

Sometimes along the banks of Karbi Langpi

Sometimes under the chingnan trees of Umrongso.

Though it is only a dream

Only the touch of the gentle wind

Warms and then cools my heart

I am an upright growing tree

Don’t let the wind hit me

When my body breaks, my trunk will rot and wither;

Resting under the chingnan tree

Though its furs tickle and itch me

Like the water of Kangthilangso waterfall

The pleasing air hovers

Within my body.

Fearing it might run away

I don’t  want to spill it out even once.

I have no courage to raise my voice loud

If I let it out from my mouth

It appears like the blooming flowers

So I keep them covered inside the heart.

If it really is a flower, it will face big hardships to bloom

When my chest was beating loudly

No sign of exhaustion came in you

You kept smiling -

How do I praise you?

I don’t know how

Someday the time will come

Letting them out from my heart

I’ll let them befriend the gentle wind

(For they say that a confident heart will receive the blessing)



PROFILE: Ramen Ingti ‘s schooling is from Mumding Terang English L.P. School, and he has graduated from Diphu Government College. He started writing poems and articles from his High School days. Presently he is a member of Karbi Lammet Amei and Office Secretary of Jambili Literary Foundation (JLF).

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