Welsing Hanse - Karbi

Welsing Hanse

Poem No. 1



Monit Tangte…

(Hirbang amena aphan aning kachepathe)



Komat aphan ningkachethe si nang,

Kopi aphan risim hokpen si nang

Kai aron kachedan aphan nangkebar?

Bangso alamthak majok alongta avedetji mene!


Monit tangte -

Kaiketa la amek, ano, ade, ari asakor.

Kivungpon aling si dun varet poma?

Ahemphu kachekrong angthek konatlo?


Bang hangjo pu alingle nangta?

Inghongtha, apor enchet tha, tongdun varet nangne.

Keprap-kanglen pu alam chot,

Arnisike tarkong chelimjir si an chorapvekji..




English translation of Poem No. 1



On being a Man

(Poet building confidence in himself)



You’ve come ahead to fight the battle of life,

Who do you think will help you?

What do you have as weapons?

Maybe nobody has the answer.


Man are…

Always servants to the eyes, ears, tongue and hands.

Should they be followed all the time?

Where is your identity as the owner of the body?


Why should you be following if other are in commotion?

Wait, take some time, don’t make haste?

It is only a matter or early and late,

One day all must sit on one mat for a meal together.





Poem No. 2


Itum chetongthu longpo

(Inut athare KRNRA along)



Itum kachonghong non nangjut tanglo

Kopuan amekkri kachejoitang tame

Kopuan aningve mek kejangje tame

Nekarjong puthot kai kimi longthupo.


Nangpindeng abolon pen

Nang chengpi-chengso ase pen

Kedojoi pen kedobom la nesengve

Nimso kirung angdi along chebedunpo

Klengsarpo atum kasarlang ase pen

Ningkan kangthim kedomjoi abang aphan nang’ingthurvekpo..


Laso aphi

Hadak nephan nangthek longpo

Aningkarong pen balloon aphi kekatdun aklimsomar

Kove kachotot asarpi atum anglum

Lapen lunsepo lapen lusnepi anglum

Ahok, nang nephan nangtheklongpo.

Lapen, nangta

Nangta nephan nangtheklong tahaiji.


Nangning kehangnai alir nangchepindeng noi

Jengjiri lapen jangsai pen chetarat ra vangnoi

Hadak kangsamri ‘Hongjai’ adim along nangphan

Ne tomo nangthan po mangmun nangmek cherairetik.















English translation of Poem No. 2


We'll be together once again

                (One Lover at KYF)




The wait has now come to the end

No matter how much tears swallowed

No matter how much nights went sleepless

My soul will get a new life.


With the sight of your beautiful attire

With the sound of your 'chengpi-chengso'

The heart that has been beating so silently

Will dance with the steps of the 'Nimso Kirung',

The 'sarlang' of the 'klengsarpo'

Will surely wake me up from the year-long slumber.



There you'll see me among the happy smiles of kids chasing balloons

Among the aged women pounding nuts

And among the lunsepo and lunsepi

Yes, you'll see me.

And, maybe

I will see you too.


Come dressed in my favourite colour

Come adorned with jengjiri and jangsai

There in the silent space of "Hongjai"

I'll read you a story till dreams captures your eyes.



Bio: Welsing Hanse was born on 13th March, 1990 at Upper Hapjan Diphu, Karbi Anglong - the hills district of Assam. A teacher by profession, he has also been actively associated with local organizations working for the promotion and language and literature.

His hobbies include reading and writing short stories and poems.  He is also a member of Karbi Lammet Amei and also Centre for Karbi Studies. He had brought out five collections of self-composed short stories – ‘KECHOKCHE KOMAT’, ‘AN ENCOUNTER & other short stories, 'PUTHOT KACHONGHONGTHU' and ‘KEJOK ANINGVE’ and ‘KIJUTSI ANINGVE’.

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