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Rupali Swargiary
Brief introduction of the Poet:

Dr. Rupali Swargiary born in 1978 born at Thaijoubari under Baksa District Assam is a poet, story writer, analyst, essay writer and a translator. She has also major contribution in the textbooks of Bodo medium as contributor, editor, translator and reviewer. She has presented many papers on literature, culture and language. Her poems and short stories are translated into Assamese, Hindi, Malayalam and Marathi Languages.  Her published books are-Songsarni Or (1998), Hangmani Dwima Serao (2003), Buhumni Bibar(2003), Khwmsi Okhrangao Gwrlwi Okhaphwr (2013),Jwnwm Gami (2014), Raithai Bihung, Gubun Gubun Raithai (2017),Jiumani Misil (2019), Khououni Methaini Ser Ser,( 2019) Raithai Bidang (2019) and many.





Nwibe gwjam gathwnao

Onjima gwiyi gathwnariya gathwnariya

Phwiyw arw thangw

Adom Ibhabw beonw phwidwngmwn

Beo ranthenw rwngi nijra bahwiyw.

Beo dwijlang phwiyw

Beo meseng phwiyw

swrbaya mini mini gidingw

swrbaya hangma dahajwng

mwkhang sayro jayw.

Beonw dongo baihajar mugani

 bobi jarimin.

Beo simang dong

Beo mwgthang dong

Arw dong daoha.







English Version:




On this old Warf

Countless people

Come and go

Adam and Eve also

Came here.

Here is a continuous

flow of people

 Summer comes here

Autumn comes here.

Some people spend their lives cheerfully

 and die happily.

Some people suffer throughout life

And die painfully. 

Here are thousand of ages

Unwritten history

Here is the reality

And war.




Thwini Besen


Blood bankao thwini angkhal

Swrbaya babrab babrab jiu gardwng

Thorthingse thwini lagwi

Honwi beonw sakhathi phakhathi

Thwini bana jadwng

Kharli-barli lama tharwi thwi

Jwngdwng subung goumani gejerao blao blao or

Khasri-bisri mwnamnay

Mansini hojri hojri gabkhraonai

bima biphaya phisani sohokhou nunanwi aoba jadwng

bikhayao latha khadwng

gwrbw singkhaonay dikharni mwdwi.

Swrniba khaphalao gwmwrdwng sindur

Swrhaba gwmajadwng gwrbwni amaythokhol

Swrhaba sikhojadwng jwnwmgiri.

Taj Khou mwnfinnw hagou

Nathay undwi kacheya

Gaoni bima-biphakhou mwnfingwndabi

Subungthiya jen phasi hwjabay

Nisthurni akhayao.



English Version:


Price of Blood


Blood bank lacks blood

Someone is dying due to lack of blood.

Look that

There is blood all around

There is a strong smell of raw blood

One’s anger and pride

There is blood amidst people

Screaming noise spread all around

Old parents,

Shocked to see the dead body of their son

They are speechless with mourning

The vermillion on someone’s forehead has been purged

Someone has become childless

Someone has lost his little child

Somebody has lost his mother

The TAJ can be rebuilt

But little Moshe will not regain

his lost parents

Humanity is hung

by merciless people.


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