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Divya Johar

Rainbow, my friend Rainbow,
I see you through my window!

I rush out to catch you in the sky,
You are beautiful, but so high!

From the blue blanket, you take your flight,
In your colourful attire, you emerge bright!

Like candy floss, in the sky so blue;
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue,
Indigo and Violet are your Hues!

Rainbow, Oh my dear friend rainbow!
I love the seven colours in your bow!

As you step down in the water puddles,
When I see you, my joy simply doubles!

In my paper boat, come and sail,
From the angles of heaven, you hail!

I will wait for the next rain,
To play with you again!


Bio Note: Divya Johar

Divya Johar is a Postgraduate from National Institute of Fashion Technology India. A topper during her graduation in Advertising, Marketing, Psychology, Sociology, with a diploma in Commercial Arts, Divya has worked for buying offices in India and London. She was also an expert faculty and a jury member at her alma mater NIFT and a visiting faculty at IIPM. Divya attributes her inspiration to her son. Divya’s poems have been published in the books- Anthologies: Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Pixie Dust and All Things Magical, Tapestry of Women in Indian Mythology and in various E-zines.

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  1. Divya ....oh rainbow hues ....lighten life mazes...enlighten spirits ..& .joy .........congratulations


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