Poetry: Norman J. Olson

Bio: Norman J. Olson is a small press poet and artist who was born in 1948. Since his first publication in 1984, he has published poetry and art work in 15 countries and all over the USA. You can see his art work at http://normanjolson.com/
Norman J. Olson
winter image poem #137

a garbage truck and a 
cartoon cat screamed in silent bondage at 
the snowbound street.  windows 
cried real tears…  
were they looking for redemption or 
expiation?  who knows? who cares?  reflections of 
unreality lit 
up the blank walls  
and snow slipped silently 
through the cracks… there were windmills as 
far as the eye could see 
but nothing moved 
the neon sky tore 
the silence to shreds… 

winter image poem #6 

ice age angels, cool as glass,  
tore through the 
bleak suburban 
houses…  red tail lights led straight 
to the gates of hell…  no, this is not 
a religious story!!!  it is simply a  
rather garbled confession… 
the saints 
have gone marching in…  while the suburban 
houses burned, and stained glass 
windows turned black 
with desire or disease… 

I found myself on my knees, praying to a god 
I do not believe in for forgiveness of sins 
I did not commit…  my fingers have gone 
and with nuclear winter just around  
the corner, it seems that we 
are now  

winter image poem #85 

anthropomorphic trees 
writhe and groan  
in the shivering breeze…  trial balloons 
explode on 
the unseen flat screen like 
something that  
can barely  
remember being alive… 

time may or may not be real, but it is spiraling away… 

tomorrow, the  
bricks will get 
up and  
dance down the street… 
what dream guides 
my typing fingers?  what night 
is coming?

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