Poetry: Staffy Bhateja

Staffy Bhateja

Outpouring verses from the innards of my heart
For Ignorance is not at all bliss
Two and two need not always be four
Beauty is latent even in distortion
For scars and flaws should be celebrated too!
I comprehend the worldly ways but do not necessarily follow them
I extract wisdom out of the shallow and philosophize it
Power and Money have never fascinated me
Of the people, by the people and for the people
Folks instantly connect with me because of my works
Such is the power of Creativity!


Mirror is scary
For it does not give you false illusions, like the dimmed light or flame of the candle
It will not conceal those fine lines which stand testimony to the foregone glory of youthful years
It will tell you that your lips are not perfectly pouted and rosy
And that your hair - all messy
For it neither loves you nor hates you

Your kith and kin, your mates and acquaintances-
All know the tender-hearted person that you are
That in this world full of duplicity, you move ahead with a halo surrounding your head

But Mirror does not understand all of this
You may respond with tears and agitated hands for a while
For Reality is ugly
Acceptance - harsh
And Mirror- scary!


"Liberty, Equality, Fraternity"
The nation roared......
Standing testimony to storming of Bastille and varied other glorious historical events
The native place of the Gauls
Where the personas of Napoleon and Joan of Arc were born
The global centre of art, culture and philosophy
With romance burgeoning in La Ville Lumiere
When the sky-touching Eiffel Tower illumines at night
Castles, cathedrals, basilicas- all in huge numbers and so are the various delicacies 
Say "Cheese" and unimaginable number of varieties will be placed before your eyes

Visitons La France!
Soon! Very soon!

S'il vous plait.
Monsieurs et Madames.


The brewed lava of delight weaves black magic
Stimulating nerves in my otherwise languorous-self
Sipping those hot cups of happiness with friends along with our girlish giggles and shared banter were a daily treat after those hackneyed lectures during our college days
Helping us in our midnight vigils too, storming new ideas in our anxious minds as we hurriedly prepared for the forthcoming examinations
Coffee, indeed, remains a cup of hope in a world full of chaos and Mondays!
Espresso, French press, Caffe latte- varied kinds
Oh God! A cup of scalding coffee is all I desire
And any form shall do!


Becoming the best version of myself
Heading towards wisdom and enlightenment
Understanding the nuances, the intricacies of the worldly ways
Shedding the erstwhile childlike innocence
I see people
I listen to their ideas and views
I try to visualise their past
Whatever turned them into the beings that they are today
I feel the beauty and the benevolence Nature offers silently
I appreciate success and achievements in people's lives all the more
For I know what sheer toil must have brought them to this pedestal
I see people serving humanity
Others- devouring humanity
Still others - ignorant in their bliss
Ageing- a wonderful process
For you become the person that you always should have been!

BIO: Staffy Bhateja (Steffi) is a poet, editor and painter hailing from The City Beautiful- Chandigarh. She has completed her Masters in English Literature from MCM DAV College, affiliated to Panjab University, Chandigarh and has also done Masters in Philosophy from the University's main campus, securing 2nd position in the entire university. Poetry and Painting are two of her biggest passions. As a writer, she has taken part in numerous anthologies under various publishing houses and has solely edited a book titled "Catharsis" under the Impish Lass Publishing House. She is the Chapter Head of Chandigarh of The Asian Literary Society. She believes in the words of George R R Martin that a reader lives a thousand lives before he dies and the man who never reads lives only one.

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