Dawn and Dusk: Meenakshi Mohan

(The artworks of Anant Mohan inspire these two poems)

Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.
                                              Ralph Waldo Emerson

Meenakshi Mohan


Cheeo cheeo cheeo, a melodic tempo,
a light knock at my window
woke me up from my early morning reverie.

With dreams still lingering in my eyes, I lazed around, 
listening to the musical trill of a pink-grey cardinal,
sitting at the ledge of my window.

I looked out the window,
the sky painted in roseate pink,
a soft whispering of the ocean bidding good morning.

I picked up my guitar and walked to my backyard,
overlooking the mingling of the ocean and the sky –
all colored in bright vermillion.

I watched the grandiosity of the birth of the Sun,
and the tender caressing of the waves, 
as a mother endearing her newborn.

Mesmerized, I sat at the edge of a cliff,
and let the resplendency of nature drown me in its nostrum, 
the trees enveloped in mist danced in a trance.

The birds went out for their day’s work,
the squirrels jumped around for their bounty,
I picked up my guitar and let my music float,
in congruence with the music of nature –
rustling of leaves, chirping of birds, 
the acoustic tempo of the waves.

It was the beginning of the day!
The Boy with Guitar by anant Mohan


I sat at the edge of a cliff,
and watched the tangerine Sun,
sinking in the heart of the ocean
with its hues spilling over the wavering water.

A soft breeze tousled my hair, 
and a whiff of cloud gently caressed me,
the trees danced with a tempo,
showering flowers and leaves.

The birds returned home-bound 
in a triangle to nestle quietly with their offspring
the bouncy squirrel quietly took shelter
in his hideout with his day’s bounty.

I let myself drown in the silent harmony of nature.
I picked up my guitar and let its melody float 
with the rhapsody of the waves
and the euphony of rustling leaves.

My soul is like an enchanted boat …
Whilst all the winds with melody ringing
It seems to float ever, for ever …

There will be yet another tomorrow,
and more dreams 
intoned the silence of nature.

It was the end of the day.

The boy on the cliff  by anant Mohan

Note: My soul is like an enchanted boat …Whilst all the winds with melody ringing. It seems to float ever, for ever … The lines are from Percy Bysshe Shelley’s poem -- My Soul is Like an Enchanted Boat.

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