Poetry: Antara Mukherjee

Antara Mukherjee

Privacy is a compromised getaway.  
Here, a tree falls; there, a dark tunnel;
roots of unpruned creepers and
shadeless pavements test my patience.

Mosses and lichens encircle you, mostly.
You deny me light on conditions.
Excuses, like windy barriers, 
deftly dump me on to a secluded path.

I see Privacy amidst natural cosmetics.
And realise, it will be a while 
before you learn to value 
A valley of flowers.


Dragging through your anxious mind
I met a silhouette of you.
Aphasia alienates us; 
the make-shift bridge of despair holds you tight.
Worms wriggle in the grey cells
where once sunshine reigned.

You emigrate me from our mindscape.
In your anguished laboratory 
I test my patience. 
Exchanges, baked in the irritated flame, 
dissolve in failed experiments.
In an empty Beaker, I look for emotions
to store.

The silence between your words
rams into me
like a dagger.


Scissoring out stimulation,
through the alleys of deceit,
has been your forte.
Masterstrokes of mock appreciations
fall like curtain 
of lies.                                                 
           Shredded sickness,
           carefully punctuated with
           therapeutic interferences,
           fizzle out as fire 
 in the rain.

           Whirlwind conversations 
 had sought for a green pasture,
           where imagination,
           gazed at anxious borders, roused
           pity and guilt.

           After a while,
           through the veil of a dawn,
the yellowish-orange sun, exposed 
your vanishing ink.

          Fooled, I reflect 
          on our vulnerable correspondences
          and patiently wait for my turn 
          to smash back the tennis racket on 
your tennis elbow.

Bio Note: Antara Mukherjee
An Editor of 3 books and a Member of Review Boards of International Journals, Dr Antara Mukherjee is a part of West Bengal Educational Service, Govt of West Bengal. She is presently teaching at the Dept. of English, Durgapur Govt College, WB. After several National and International publications and presentations in the last two decades, she is currently engaged in exploring Heritages in WB along with pursuing the creative aspects of her being.

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