INEXTINGUISHABLE (Gandhian Philosophy)

Dilip Mohapatra
The brightest of the flames 
that shone in its magnificence 
and dispelled the darkness
around the universe
of dominance
and violence
and that soothed the burns
of the downtrodden 
and the destitute 
with the coolness of
the sandal paste
on the scathing lesions
and which freed the incarcerated
from the shackles of servitude
could not be doused
by the blasts of the assassin 
and still flickers
in the hearts of millions
which finds its expression
on second of October
every single year
tempered with the nation’s
love and gratitude.
Many a Nathuram sprout
like Raktabeej the demon
from the blood soaked soil
and try to obliterate it 
and sully its name
year after year
yet it continues to burn
in everyone’s heart
till all times to come.

BIO: Dilip Mohapatra, a decorated Navy Veteran is a well acclaimed poet in contemporary English and his poems appear in many literary journals of repute and anthologies worldwide. He has six poetry collections, one short story collection and two professional books to his credit. He is the recipient of the prestigious Honour Award for complete work under Naji Naaman Literary Awards for 2020 and holds the honorary title of ‘Member of Maison Naaman pour la Culture’. 

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