Mahatma Gandhi: A Legacy (Gandhian Philosophy)

Roopam Chadha
Gandhi is a legacy
He is present in every man, woman and child
He is a Hindu, a Muslim
A Sikh, a Christian
He is an entire nation

Gandhi is an ideology
He is an ideology to be followed fearlessly
An inspiration which united the people selflessly
An expression of the youth
A motivation to speak the truth
A guiding light to stand up for what is right

Gandhi is a power
A power which held the indigo Satyagraha in Chamaparan
Which held the Dandi March for salt relief
Which spun the charkha and instilled self belief
A power to be Swadeshi

Gandhi is a voice
The voice of the helpless farmers who lost their lives
The voice of the helpless women and their unheard cries
The voice against sati and the caste system
The voice against the colonial dictum

Gandhi is a belief
A belief which takes you through the pain and perseverance of those who survived
Which takes you through the suffering and endurance of the deprived
A belief which bent, broke and overthrew the British monarchy
To put an end to injustice and slavery.

Bio: Roopam Chadha is a bilingual poet. She was born in Nagaland to a devout Sikh family. She is a graduate in Economics (hons) from Delhi University. She has authored two books of English poetry. She received an award for her debut anthology ‘And the Canaries Sing On’ from’ Autism for Help Village Project Trust.’ Her second anthology ‘Blushing Candles’ has been published recently. She lives in New Delhi (India) with her family. Her poems share space in several national and international anthologies.

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