The Eternal Mahatma (Gandhian Philosophy)

Sherin Mary Zacharia
The world seeks a fine thread
to string together, the diverse beads.
A unique story is there to lead
for his nation’s freedom it did plead.
Keeping his strategies to become a model
unprecedented, unheard of, a bloodless battle.
Qualities to lead- honesty, willpower and punctuality;
amidst them stood tall ‘AHIMSA’ against all brutality.
When the pain of the common man is alleviated,
and his young child’s hunger banished,
Gandhi’s vision for his motherland is realised,
that for ordinary men and women; fulfilled.

A life by itself a message for all times
across the globe and across all climes.
His voice is for the oppressed,
he stood for the deprived and the discriminated.
He liberated the people from an empire; with no weapons
The Mahatma’s life amazes, around the world, millions.

Bio: Sherin Mary Zacharia:  is a young poet of 21 who expresses herself through her verses. She loves to write about nature most and also are on topics like mental illness and disability. She is a regular blogger ( and often contributes to English anthologies. She has received several awards and recognitions. Her poem was selected by the United Nations while observing World Autism Awareness Day 2023. A self-learner she likes to read, watch visual lessons and travel. Being a non-speaking autistic she lets her poetry be her voice. She is a co-author of Talking Fingers (2022) and Discourses on Disability (2021). Sherin is from Kochi, Kerala, India where she lives with her parents, younger sister and pet cat.

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