Poetry: Pramod Rastogi

Pramod Rastogi

Pramod Rastogi

Emeritus Professor
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Switzerland


Walking into the garden of my loneliness
My mind looked for some fruits to eat
And found a few of them dangling ripe 
But all had mournful looks of despair. 

Walking into the spring of my loneliness
I desired to sit on a swing chair hanging
On a tree branch in the garden of my woes,
But found no partner to accompany me.

Walking into the autumn of my loneliness
I saw a group of girls gazing at me.
The flakes of snow waved in the frosty air 
And, distant to all the gazes, I walked away.

Listening to the violin evokes in me a forlorn feeling 
That echoes my joys and pervasive losses   
By escorting my inner screams from tears to grief.
Endowed is the violin with pensive heartstrings.

The Restlessness of Mind

With dawn still far out of sight
In its full radiance was the moon, 
Showering me with its cool rays,  
And in this glow was a cosmic touch 
That put my heart in panic.

Infused with this tantric mysticism 
I wondered about the microcosm
And the expanding gaze of the universe, 
Which, even at its most extravagant, 
Our mind might not unreel its tiniest part. 

Living in this dazzling cosmic landscape,
Surrounded by the oceans of serenity 
And the turbulence of warming glaciers,
The restlessness of the human mind
Finds comfort in the fireworks of volcanoes. 

Paying Tribute

Look at the gale raining burbling pearls.
It was thrilling to see the falling serpents 
With their long tails dissolving in water, 
Disappearing into the drains.

As enthralling as the sight was for innocents, 
It was boring for accustomed eyes.
The blazing sun waits for the roads to dry up 
And the serpents will soon be part of the lore.
Captivating is the read of pitiless history 
As I dig into the ruins of our unsparing past. 
My heart trembles with deep joy as I pay tribute  
To the snake coiled around Shiva's neck. 


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