Satbir Chadha (Voices Within 2023)

Satbir Chadha is the author of the highly acclaimed book, “For God Loves Foolish People”, for which she was awarded the Reuel International prize. Her second novel is “Betrayed, tale of a rogue surgeon”, a medical thriller. She has been published in over twenty national and international anthologies, containing poetry and short stories. She has three solo poetry collections to her credit, “Breeze”, “Glass Doors”, and the recent “The Last Lamp”. She was awarded the Litpreneur Award by Authorspress for her contribution to literature. She is also the founder of the NISSIM International Prize for Literature, awarded every year to upcoming writers of English prose and poetry.



Hybrid God

There were claps of thunder 

Before lightning struck

And the tree was ablaze


A rare tree indeed it was

With a massive grey trunk

And sturdy brown branches


Like a hybrid god 

People had tied threads around it

Of different colours 


They bound their wishes and hopes

Around the tree trunk

And so it was bound to give 


None could understand 

With their hopes were tied 

Their sins their greed and jealousy


The tree took it all

And gave everyone 

From its immense bounty


Till it burnt in a blast of lightning

In flames the colours of the threads

Leaving it’s roots unsullied and pure




Yes emotions are a scam

They’re big manipulators

If you are not in control

They will override your life

Which honourably to your mind

You should ascribe

Yes follow the mind the intellect and the intellectual intuition

Past has no place in a happy mind

Mindfulness is the best exercise

Living in presence is my paradise 

To hell with the world it’s my choice 

To be happy and calm so my dear rejoice


Our thoughts and dreams create the emotions We need to sift them from those rising from situations

Trust me grief turns to merriment 

If you mentally turn the event


There’s work to be done 

The world moves fast on

Can we truly afford the luxury

The vanity of our emotions 


Defying logic, they have a logic of their own

Marvel is that they’re there from the time we’re born

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