Poetry: Mark Young

Mark Young
Song S'ung

The metal rotary clothes-
line tings as the cockatoo 
in the branches of the 
big tree that slightly over-
laps the line spits out a 
remnant twig after stripping 
all the small yellow flowers 
from it. Moves on. Another
twig, another portion of the 
line. A different tension 
to the wire, tang this time. 
Every Chinese Dynasty is 
eventually acknowledged.

Be careful, when traveling, not to wound the feelings of your friends

I cannot dismiss the notion that 
the sorcery here lies in an opera-
tion rendered invisible by the
simplicity of its result. We must 
assume, I believe, that a calligram 

has formed, then unraveled. I can-
not too severely censure the habit 
of using sentences which admit of 
a double meaning. The calligram 
is thus tautological. Cleverly ar-

ranged on a sheet of paper, signs 
invoke the very thing of which 
they speak. Every conversation is 
considered in a measure confident-
ial. To be able to converse really 

well, you must read much, treasure 
in your memory the pearls of what 
you read, profit from the extra rich-
ness of language that allows us to say
different things with a single word. 

Sources: This Is Not a Pipe, by Michel Foucault
The Ladies’ Book of Etiquette (1860), by Florence Hartley


What the highly compressed
brown & white roadkill was I

do not know; but I have just run
over it, making the unidentifi-

able even / more so. & that
might just be an apt slogan

for my poetry.

Gas Flow

In any physiological reaction, a 
meticulously curated combo, when

it reaches a pre-set volume, can 
sometimes be used to replace the 

Control-N command — so com-
mon in cell biology — to minimize 

the liquid layer of mucus that may
cover the airways whenever the in-

spiratory flow becomes high. Thus
it ushers in a new age of ventilation.

Blue Asymmetries

I am wearing a striped jersey
with an asymmetric top, below
which are a pair of straight leg 
high rise full length (80cm) 
rigid blue denim jeans with an 
asymmetric waistband. I am 
reading a poster from the TESS 
Science Conference II (TSC2) 
which notes that although red 
asymmetries are more commonly 
observed in solar flares, chromo-
spheric line profiles during some 
M dwarf flares show blue asym-
metries. I am capturing the 
elegance of Old Hollywood with
asymmetrical platform sandals 
in blue whose fun & whimsical 
style that will add a pop of glamour 
to any outfit. I’m mapping speech 
sounds to corresponding letters, a
critical action for establishing pro-
ficient reading since people vary 
in this phonological processing 
ability, which has been hypothe-
sized to result from variation in 
hemispheric asymmetries within 
the regions of the brain that sup-
port language. I am noting blue 
electrophosphorescence from 
Iridium(III) Phosphors Bearing 
Asymmetric Di-N-aryl 6-(trifluor-
ridin-2-ylidene chelates. I check 
my asymmetric mechanical chro-
nograph with its black lychee- 
grain cowhide strap & a spring 
buckle domed sapphire crystal 
in navy blue, & decide it’s time
to retire to bed. I look forward
to seeking solace from the asym-
metric arrangement of the fluffy
pillows & the calming influence 
of the baby blue of the bedspread. 

Bio: Mark Young was born in Aotearoa / New Zealand but now lives in a small town in North Queensland in Australia. He has been publishing poetry for almost sixty-five years, & is the author of more than sixty books, primarily text poetry but also including speculative fiction, vispo, memoir, & art history. His most recent books are with the slow-paced turtle replaced by a fast fish, published by Sandy Press in May 2023, & a free downloadable chapbook of visuals & poems, Mercator Projected, published by Half Day Moon Press in August 2023. A new book, Ley Lines II, will be published by Sandy Press in late 2023.

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