Poetry: Marina Mijakovska

Marina Mijakovska

 Marina Mijakovska (1984) is a Macedonian writer, researcher, senior librarian and a translatоr. Mijakovska is from North Macedonia. She has a PhM and a PhD in Philology. The title of her doctoral dissertation is Écrituré Féminine and the Novel: Annex to the Feminist Theory of the Genre. The key-points of her interests are feminine writing, the history of women, the methodology of literature, gender studies and old civilizations. Since 2013 she has been a member of The Association of Writers of Macedonia. Mijakovska is the secretary for international cooperation of The Association of Writers of Macedonia. She is an author of 15 published books. She writes poetry, prose, essays and literary critiques. Her poetry has been translated into Albanian, Croatian, Slovenian, Romanian, English, Chinese, Serbian, Polish and Czech, and she has also been included in various anthologies. 

            Poetry books: "Nomadic Soul" (2010); "The Suitcases" (2013); "Psychoanalytic Alchemy Of Passions" (2013); "Turquoise Into Summer" (2015); "Bed Of Silence" (2015); "Bony" (2019) and poetry book for children "New Year's Children's Poems" (2017). Also, short stories books: "The Houses" (2014) and "Stories from Pajko Maalo" (2021). Books with essays and critiques: "Genre Polymer" (2016); "The Models Of Gender Identification" (2018) and "Écrituré Féminine and the Novel: Annex to the Feminist Theory of the Genre" (2021) as well.

            Literary Awards: The "Korcha poetry evenings" special award (2012), the "Karamanov" (2013), "Krste Chachanski" award (2014), "Beli mugri" (2015) and "Danica Ruchigaj" award by The Association of Writers of Macedonia (2019), "Goran Bujich" (2023) award by Association of Writers of Croatia from Zadar. Mijakovska is a frequent promoter and moderator at literary and library events.



In all the sips

is gathered

the head of the truth.

With frozen eyes

I perceive

the window of youth.


When the mind is sealed

by the doors of the decomposed world

I sit down on the rock

to strip down the fading scales

of the mad stone.

In every red trench

from the veins of the red truth

drops of love will leak out.

Wine sweetens the bitterness

of the lingual persecutions.


New poem from an unpublished poetry collection (2023)

Translation from Macedonian to English by Mishko Panov




On the Land soft and red

under my feet

I planted a Sun

in cobwebs

of blue.

I do not hear

the mourned roar

from the fleshy lips

of the Aborigines.

I forgot

the reproachful glances

from chestnut eyes

of the "First".

I' m looking for a right

while walking

on the yellow road.

I was looking for the right to speak.


Let me crawl

on wires

of metal and glass

like a white dove


at Darling Harbour.


The way is one for the all,

and All are One on the road.


Let me go!


A poem from the poetry collection "Psychoanalytic Alchemy of Passions" (2013)

Translation from Macedonian to English by Mishko Panov




I will turn the world


what is told and retold

from top to bottom

and I will shake all the noise out of it

that pollutes and upsets

my female existing.

The female nature is:

unpredictable, uncontrollable and loud.

Shaking the sides of the world

the glass of the voice will break, and








will swim out on the edges

of the pages.





A poem from the poetry collection "Bed of Silence" (2015)

Translation from Macedonian to English by Mishko Panov






I'm a center, you are periphery!


Cut circles!


Where is the boundary?


Who are you, and who am I?


Domino effect!


I buckle you



of poisonous






In this one

Red Earth

the Sun

is standing in the palm of my hand


turning off

the batteries

from lithium

without overheating

it drinks my waters

not leaving me

to dry meself



the WORLD.


  1. Magnetic sensation in the words

  2. Magnetic verses are touching


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