Angela Kosta (Women and Spring)

Angela Kosta
Angela Kosta was born in Albania and has lived in Italy since 1995. She is a translator, essayist, journalist, literary critic, editor and promoter. He has published 11 books: novels, poems and fairy tales in Albanian, Italian and English. His publications have appeared in various literary magazines and newspapers in: Albania, Kosovo, Italy, USA, England, China, Russia, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Algeria, Poland, Australia, Egypt, Greece, Spain, Tajikistan, South Korea, Hungary, India, Bangladesh etc. Angela Kosta translates and writes articles and interviews for the newspaper "Calabria Live", Saturno magazine, the newspaper "Le Radici", the international magazine "Orfeu", Alessandria Today magazine, the Nacional newspaper, the Gazeta Destinacioni, the magazine Perqasje Italo - Shqiptare , the international magazine Atunis - Belgium, collaborates with magazines in Lebanon, International Literature Language Journal (USA), Morocco, Bangladesh, etc. Angela Kosta is Ambassador of Culture and Peace in: Bangladesh, Lebanon, Poland, Morocco, Canada, Algeria, Egypt, etc. Angela Kosta has been translated and published in 28 foreign languages and countries. In the second semester of 2023 alone, she was an author in 84 national and international newspapers and magazines with: poems, articles, interviews, essays, etc... 


Today, on this special day 
The spring sun 
On my eyelids it rests 
With the melody on my lips 
I pick fifty white roses 
As fresh as the years of my life 
To go back in time I would like 
When as a girl 
On the meadows full of daisies I ran 
And very happy I was 
When the technology 
My body didn't enchant 
The carefree girl again 
I would like to be 
Nestled in the river with lilies 
Embracing the wonderful waterfall 
Smell the scents of the trees 
Listening to the birds singing 
Touch the colors of the fruits between the branches 
Composing verses under the golden moon 
In the company of the stars 
Knowing how much all this 
Cheerful would make me. 
Today, on this spring day, 
I feel alive, joyful and at peace 
In the midst of this infinite enchantment 
Unique magic that surrounds me. 
I love this day... 
I love the sun... 
I admire the beautiful, fresh roses 
Like the years of my life 
I'm in love with spring...

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