Summer 2024: Roopam Chadha

Roopam Chadha
Winds Of Summer 

Winds of summer blow 
to the chimes of her silver anklet
when she walks over the sands of dried rivulet 
where once gushed the crystal flow

Winds of summer blow 
ripening the mangoes from
emerald to amber
swaying the fields of hope where
vibrant marigold and sunflowers grow 

Winds of summer blow 
across the lush verdant hills
to unfurl the hues of winter 
under the warmth of the azure sky 
melting the pearls of snow 

Winds of summer blow 
to meet the scent of petrichor 
where cuckoos sing on soaked branches 
and peacocks dance in mirth below 

Winds of summer blow 
to the rhythm of guffaws 
when the kin gets together 
on the terrace, on jute charpoys 
and silver spangles of the cosmos 
shine and glow 

BIO: Roopam Chadha is an award-winning bilingual poet. She is a graduate in Economics (hons) from Delhi University. She has authored two books of English poetry. She received an award for her debut anthology ‘And the Canaries Sing On’ from ‘Autism for Help Village Project Trust” (2021). She has also won the best English collection award for her second anthology ‘Blushing Candles’ from The Literary Warrior Group at Sahitya Akademi New Delhi (2023). Her poems share space in several national and international anthologies. Besides writing she also pursues her passion for painting.

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