Milan Mondal
The Eternity

The torrential rain
Reminds me of my nuptial-night.
Tuberose in hand
Came my in-laws
And decorated our bed.

Fragrance here and fragrance there
Mixed with jasmine
Coming from the yard
Intoxicated us.

She and I hardly closed our eyes that night 
And came out we on a plank 
The next morning---
Loaded with flowers 
As we could hardly defeat the divine light.

The Burning

The creepers are floating and embracing
 Each other on water.
The muddy yard
Makes the pool.

The window makes me restless
As it shows me the scene
And makes me yearn
Like a restless swan.


As I walk through the glade
Torrent of water is showering the hedge. 
I proceed 
And find the sprout of a seed. 
Then I sing a song 
And hear the celestial gong.

Bio: Every day as Mr. Mondal teaches Shakespeare, Milton, Coleridge or Dylan his heart glides like the lone swan over the snow-capped mountains beyond the lake. His flight takes him to realms unknown and he finds a flute that can open the doors to men's heart. Writing new poems is his lifeline; getting them published is like the morning sunshine that begins each new day. To Mondal readers are the celestial beings who move the wand to make his life magic.  

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