Poetry: Dilip Kumar Mewada

Dilip Kumar Mewada

1. Poem

Her style is my poetry, how can I forget her obligation
Her company is my dream, she herself is destination

Our hearts remain engulfed in pleasant conversation
Between us, even if there is no verbal communication

My heart wants to remain stuck to her imagination
It accepts all her words without much observation

In love, feelings of heart do not require any explanation
Sometimes soul is also delighted by wrong interpretation

I admit, my poem is noting but her beautiful reflection
But also true, I often write good couplets in frustration

2. Ghazal

Life   seems   to   be   very   meaningful
When one comes in life who is beautiful

Whether they are in books or in garden
Flowers  of  love  are  always  colourful

Description  of  her  beauty  is  not  easy
But  fortunately  my  words  are  helpful

She showed me her real face in trouble
Earlier  attitude  of  life  was  very  joyful

My style of narrating thoughts is different
My couplets are less exciting but truthful

3. Ghazal 

It  is  just  my  unique  style  of  representation
That, in my Ghazals people see her reflection

The  words  become  fragrant  automatically
When eyes start taking part in communication

You can achieve anything in life that you want
It is just matter of your hardship and dedication

I  can  tell  you  just  meaning  of  the  word  but
Only lovers can explain what is the separation

I suffered a lot in life not because of inability
But  just  because  of  my  habit  of  hesitation

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