Arbind Kumar Choudhary

Arbind Kumar Choudhary, the originator of racy style of versification and Indianised version of Sonnets in Indian English poetry, has propounded his philosophy of life, nature, love and poetry in ‘Melody’, ‘Nature ‘, ‘Love’ and ‘The Poet’ for the saving grace of Tom, Dick and Harry on this strife-stricken earth.

Dr.Choudhary has been included in Cambridge Dictionary of English Writers, London in 2009, World Poetry Almanac, Mongolia in 2008, 2009 & 2010,Four Contemporary Indian English Poets, 2014, Romania, World Poetry Yearbook, 2014, China and Five Indian English Poets, Jaipur in 2015. He has been popularly awarded with a number of literary crowns in Indian English poetry. Presently Dr.Arbind Kumar Choudhary, an editor of Kohinoor and Ayush, is heading the Department of English at Rangachahi College,Majuli, Assam,India-785104.