Randeep Wadehra

Author of the novel, "Mango Man in the Republic of Bananas", Randeep Wadehra is
an independent news analyst, media and book critic. He was columnist and features
writer for The Tribune for more than ten years. He has written scripts for the All India Radio, Chandigarh; AIR World Service. He has to his credit more than 1000 published articles, including lead stories and op-ed articles for a range of print and electronic media such as The Tribune, Chandigarh editions of The Times of India, Indian Express, Daily Post, Tehelka, Financial World, the Haryana Review, and SouthAsiaPost.com.

His other titles available on the Amazon.com are Rhythms of Love and My Beautiful World. His forthcoming collection of short stories titled Rendezvous in Cyberia

His blog: http://randeep-wadehra.blogspot.com/

Twitter @RandeepWadehra