Sucheta Chaurasia

Sucheta Chaurasia is a versatile teenager from India. Presently, she is juggling between her 12th grade and extra curricular activities such as writing, public speaking, calligraphy, badminton etcetera. In 2015 Sucheta had been one among four students selected by Times of India daily newspaper to act as Editor for a day (for Children's day special issue on November 14th) after qualifying many rounds of exams and interviews. She also earned appreciation and reward from chief minister of Uttar Pradesh for the same. She loves to learn anything and everything, from totally random stuff online to serious stuff such as learning a language. Sucheta loves the WH-questions of everything about her. Psychology interests her more than anything else. An ambivert by nature,  in her school she is popular as a girl who is child at heart and a philosopher at mind.