Poetry By Iram Fatima ‘Ashi’

Iram Fatima ‘Ashi’

A Deep Thirst 

Blood drains drop after drop,
A strange red color, a color of life,
She tried to hold back the storm,
The strong desire to meet her love was dying now,
She was now down to her last breath,
She looked across to see the world for a last time.

A deep thirst goes unquenchable,
A sketch without filling up colors ,
A bird without exploring sky,
A dark cloud without falling rain,
A bud dries in the desire of blossom,
A seed which could have been a tree some day,
A beauty left untouched, unseen,
A gleam lost without being lightened up,

Is that deserving a destiny of poor being ?
She closed her eyes accepting the truth
Embarking on an Infinite journey into the other world,
Someone might wait for her, ignorant of her end.
A killing wait,that would fill him with an unending pain!

The Abandoned Soul

My soul begs me for something,
Something which was once mine,
I look back at the faces of my old friends,
They clap and sing, oblivious of my presence!

There's no sound,
But I can hear their laughter,
It fills my heart with melancholy,
The realization that they have all gone!

I know no one would call me,
nor take me by my hand,
For I have been condemned,
Set as an example for everyone to see!

I take a final look at the marks I left behind.
A feeling of nostalgia makes me cry,
I'm free, I tell myself as I begin to climb,
I am moving forward, to let my spirit sail on!

A new life awaits me,
There in the darkness of empty spaces,
Where no emotions tread by,
No memories to haunt my tortured mind!

Before I Die…

When words are missing from my poetry,
Colors get faded from canvas and art gallery,
A thirst is left unquenched of an artist totally,
My muse you are surely into deep sound sleep.

I am the creator, waiting from centuries,
To join the loving muse, to create my master piece,
Inspiration is in veil, untouched and unsaid worldly,
My muse you are surely into deep sound sleep.

I am holding brushes dipped into different shades,
I am an unknown wordsmith, holding my pen to fill paper,
My admirers are holding their breath for next creation,
My muse you are surely into deep sound sleep.

Words are eluding away, unable to pen them down,
Picture is in mind but failed to execute and paint,
People call it writer’s block, but I know darling,
My muse you are surely into deep sound sleep.

Wake up and sit next to me, see into my eyes,
Connect with my soul without touching, let’s rise,
You are the only person, who could inspire me, to the sublime,
Rouse my feelings to generate best out of me, before I die.

Crazy Rain Drops

Crazy rain drops are dancing in my garden,
On the leaves, grass and petals of the red roses.

Clouds are moving with air to see their friends,
You are in my mind with some subtle thoughts.

This is the moment I have waited years for,
To watch this calm beauty of Nature.

I'm charmed with the picturesque surroundings,
Pleasant breeze is blowing all my troubles away.

Rainbow welcomes us with a bridge of colors,
As I explore heavenly pleasure in Nature's love zone.