Two Poems Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Feminine Logic Speaks

After years of being silent,
Years of tossing and turning
in sleepless nights,
Years of physical  and mental torment,
Today, at last, my feminine logic speaks
with all her strength.
No more will I bear
your hitting me,
your ignoring me,
your abusing me,
your lying to me,
your yelling at me anytime;
No longer will I wear
your fake ring of sanctity.

O cruel husband!
The one who has given
men bad names,
The one who has disgraced
the bravery of gentlemen,
Today, I’m quitting
your ego-haunted home.
I stand up
for all battered women
who are fear-dumb,
lost in the labyrinth-like dim light.

O ladies, learn about your rights!
For them you have to independently fight,
Let no man crush your hopes, your dreams, your heart;
Be the lady who commands respect,
Let the feminine Divine in you manifest,
Be a woman of dignity
till your life’s last breath.

Saying ‘No’ to Racism

Tear the fake veil
into perfect halves!
Smash the clouded glasses
into minute pieces!

Black, white, tanned-
only a question of pigment distribution;
Why should it matter?
Why should Humanity be drowned
in merciless discrimination?
O Human Race, rise!
See through the eyes
of True Light!
It’s crystal clear,
Cut from the same divine thread
are all human beings
Yet blessed with uniqueness
is each of us,
Such attribute can neither be compared
nor be judged;

So, Human race, let go
of your nurtured ignorance
Erase from your life’s walls
the colours of Prejudice’s paints.