George Onsy

George Onsy is an established poet, writer and artist from Egypt. Born in Cairo, Dec. 21, 1953. He lives in Heliopolis, Cairo, and is serving at present as a Professor of Technical English and History of Art and Architecture at the Egyptian Russian University, Cairo.
He is a Board Member at MRA/IofC-Egypt, Moral Rearmament/Initiatives for Change Association, where he help with his visualization system display and analyze problems of high complexity.

He regularly posts his poems with his artworks on many international facebook pages and some websites, particularly the Italian international site, VERBUMLANDIART and OUR NATIONAL ARCHIVE, each has a complete section for his work. Some of his writings have been published in several international anthologies of poetry and are still published monthly on international websites. He was also honored at the art, literature and culture festival in Galatone, Italy, August 2014, for his poems and artwork display.
He has been working to communicate a needed psychosomatic spirituality through his artworks, poetry and music focusing on how to explore and enjoy Eternity starting in the Here and Now through a body-mind-soul harmony.
He actively exhibits and lecture his philosophical and spiritual message internationally, applying his long experience in several areas, musical composition media production, advertising, and educational system development.
He is applying all these activities for World Peacemaking and Human Solidarity, especially through the leading group page founded more than 5 years ago, AWAKENING-صحوة, which is an Arab International forum for discussing, analyzing and facing the Arab World crisis and challenges internationally.
At present, he is a Jury Member of WUP, WORLD UNION OF POETS, for their Award 2016 and has been elected to be one of their International Directors. He is also a Board Member at the American International Cultural Foundation FEELING INTERNATIONAL and a jury member for the Italian International association for art, literature and culture VERBUMLANDIART for their 2016 poetry contest in Lecce, Italy. He has also been awarded by the international organization, PENTASI B WORLD FRIENDSHIP POETRY, for his poems and artworks at the Festival Ghana 2016 in May 2016.