Nano Editorial by Sunil Sharma

Sunil Sharma
Setu (bridge) fascinates the eye and mind across time.

It casts magic over the young and the adult alike for its beauty, design, intricacy and strength---the undulating contoured iron-n-cable masterpiece forged by human hands over natural barriers for speedy transport.

Bridge is an engineering marvel over restive seas, rivers and creeks. It is both material and metaphor. It denotes a passage over dangerous terrain for navigational or recreational purposes. Setu is a drawbridge over an impassable gulf; without the aid of such a steely construction spanning the opposite sides of the given geography, it cannot be covered. Setu provides that crucial link, a pathway, motorway, connecting cultures and languages with people.

It joins.

This issue is no different.
All the ingredients there for a good evening of outing with characters and authors into the beyond.

We---the meagre team---are doing our best to serve our discerning readers through this humble bilingual project.
Hope you like the artistic servings and come back for more.
And, please, do write in.
Your response is valued.

Happy journey!

Sunil Sharma,

Mumbai, India.