Rashmi Malapur

Navigating from blogging and content writing to poetry, her love for writing is unfading. Her blog Research Eye – Travel Beyond Words www.researcheye.wordpress.com is an open platform for self-expression. 

Being a Post Graduate in Marketing she turned to writing as a matter of passion. She is now a full time blogger, content writer and poetess.

Rashmi has contributed to anthologies like 'Taj Mahal Review' and 'Inklinks'. She is a regular contributor to a poetry website 'Destiny Poets'  (Founded by Louis Kasatkin),  a closed group on Facebook ' Permanent Travelers' (Founded by Aaron Cornett) and Poet's International (Dr. Mohommed Fakruddin).

Her poems have been appreciated and awarded by Destiny Poets:
'Love will always be powerful' was awarded as Highly Commended Poem (June 2016)
'For Jim' was awarded as Highly Commended Poem (May 2013)
'Memories' was awarded as Highly Commended Poem (April 2014)