Yawchien Fang

Prof. & Dr. Fang Yaw-chien (方耀乾, aka, Png Iau-khian, b. 1958), born in Tainan, Taiwan, is a leading poet, writer, scholar, and editor in Taiwan. Currently he is the full Professor & Chairman of Department of Taiwanese Languages & Literature, National Taichung University of Education, Taiwan, and the General Counsel & International Director of the World Union of Poets. He was the presidents, publishers, Editors in chief of several important associations and magazines. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in Taiwanese literature, National Cheng-kung University.

He has published 8 books of poetry, and more than 100 literary treatises & articles, and has been awarded the Wu Zhuo-liu Literary Prize in poetry, the Ing-au Prize for Taiwanese Poets, etc. His poetry mainly reflects Taiwanese spirit and history, and a perspective of universal and human existence as well. His poetry has been translated into English, Spanish, Japanese, Turkish, Mongolian, Bengali, etc., and has had read in International Poetry Recitals in several Countries around the world.

Published poetry books:
My Mother Is An Astronaut (阮阿母是太空人, 1999)
Loving Words To My Wife (予牽手的情話, 1999)
Songs Of Egrets (白翎鷥之歌, 2001)
Planting Tainan In My poetry (將詩種佇台南, 2002)
Selected Poems Of Fang Yaw-chien (方耀乾台語詩選, 2007)
A Literary Journey Of Yaw-chien Fang (方耀乾的文學旅途, 2009)
Black/White (烏/白, 2011)
A Tayouan Paipai (台窩灣擺擺, 2011)

Published plays:
Jealous Wife’s Ferry(妒婦津, 2000)
Mirror(鏡, 2003)

Other published books:
The Origin And Development Of Taiwanese Literature(2005)
A History of Taiwanese Literature(2012)
The Theory And Practice Of Historiography Of Taiwanese Literature(2013)
From Margin To Centers: The Construction Of Taiwanese Literature(2014)