Good bye the old. Welcome the New Year

Seventh issue. More than 71, 000 page views. Three editors in total. A bilingual monthly. Every issue painstakingly compiled and curated from across the world. The only constant---to provide a rich culturescape to the discerning patrons of Hindi and English sections of Setu. Many bilingual readers easily navigating from one language to another and vice versa, enjoying both the terrains swiftly within each single edition, switching back and forth for sampling a literary plurality that only bilingual journals can afford for a cosmopolitan mind.

In total, so much of fresh and varied content in a market-driven, homogenized, conformist field that suppresses radical critique of the status quo by creative minds and promotes escapist fantasies and bleak world-views, via best sellers, movies, plays and TV.

Setu provides alternative versions of a reality controlled by thought managers and administrators through ads and mass media; processes subtle, hinted by George Orwell and Arthur Koestler, last century, and still valid as manipulative startegies.

December Setu is no different in terms of provocative ideas as expressed some of the best artists through visual and linguistic media.
It has got lot of cool stuff.
And enough of diversity.

As 20016 closes and a New Year takes over in a relentless march of time, we wish our valued readers and artists the very best in coming months. Let Life smile on you and let us combine to make this world a better and live-able place.

Over to our wonderful writers like Patricia prime; John Thieme; Frank Joussen; Yaw -chien Fang; Rob Harle;Alisa Vela; Iulia Gherghei, Sanjeev Sethi; Jaydeep Sarangi and many other equally- distinguished ones that always support the little e-zine through their precious contributions.
The coverage of the glittering book launch of the respected poet Atreya Sarma Uppaluri is another literary attraction and a new addition. We would like to cover such solicited events in future as well. Books; reviews; interviews. Well, all about spreading literary literacy through this platform owned by our expanding community of great writers, critics and readers only.

Without the litterateurs and you, the readers, we remain incognito and incomplete.
Hoping for the same enduring love and encouragement from these two crucial constituencies, we move on confidently into 2017 and try to make it positive year for the important 99%.

And, Setu, better, with every issue.

Sunil Sharma,
Editor, English Setu
Mumbai, India.