Hand Painted Mandalas

by Sandra Joran
Sandra Joran

Sandra has been creating her hand painted mandalas for over sixteen years. Each one is a one-off original, some on canvas, others on art paper using mixed media. She uses a large range of inks, paints, coloured pencils, metallic gold and silver paints, and gouache to create these highly detailed works. All works consist of geometric symmetry and usually contain symbols referring to esoteric, occult and spiritual matters. In Sandra’s own words, “To me mandalas are symbols of harmony and peace. They represent beauty in the world, stillness and calm. Their centre radiates out to a circumference and outer circle that has no beginning or end, wholeness, completeness.”

Astral Wings Mandala

Celtic Thread Mandala

Crescent Moon Mandala

Doves Of Peace Mandala

Eternal Flame Mandala

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