Poems by Simmi Gurwara

Dr Simmi Gurwara

Master Craftsman

I know a master craftsman.
He weaves colorful patches,
sews them with his sobbing story
and sells it with aplomb.
People get wowed to see his persistence,
Which is Funny yet furious,
fickle yet curious,
matched with a deep rooted resistance
to all that is new and
to all counted among few.
Wide eyed and vacuous mind,
Crawly creatures do get floored
by this man’s nefarious grind
As he unmistakably spout
his creepers a pseudo artistic bout.
He licks his gaping  wounds
both deep cut and shallow
reminiscing the insults he bore
with every gulp of margarita
before he swoon or wallow.
He lives with his prickly past
and sighs at every religious fast;
His heartlessness is carefully hidden
from the precocious world of presupposition.
His boastful nature mindlessly brags
till such time his energies sag;
People who know him suffer
multiple disorders and those who don’t,
pray to stay away from this murderous marauder.


No I can’t say who amongst you two is more tartish.
The one who comes intermittently with a glowing face
to efface all my pet worries;
and points to a lofty ideal heaving in my chest
with every breath propelling me forward in my sunrise quest;
Plodding patiently, with no care of bumpy ways,
sunrays or no sunrays.
Or your cranky crabby cousin-
Out on his callous cold cavalier mission.
Who greets me and treats me with little compassion;
I say no to his hum and haw.
But it goes in vain in an open stinky drain.
I see no qualms in being ask-hole but he shuts me up
I see in motion my stationary stance
Trying to match that swindler’s prance.
When he lets out his freaky designs,
I suppress my whimpers and sorry whines.
I hush hush lie in wintry chilly charpoy
shedding all queries that boggle my mind.
I just don’t mind for now I know
You both are imposters
fully grown bloated bragsters.
You cost me my confidence,
and  pale profoundly paralytic patience;
But no more…
I have partially matured; half full grown.


Mundane turns magnificent
when the moment comes,
every now and then,
holding hands;
consciousness soars to levels high
when timid trance finally goes.
Interest becomes new baby born
and monotony gets killed in dawn.
Heat consumes and resumes its happy note
and mind conjures more in the same slot.
Same to same, back to back
creates the symphony that freshness lack.
Singing the same tune morn till night,
life doesn’t complain, stays bright.
No wonderment, no heroic deeds,
just plain and simple life a man needs.
When the heart goes bouncy,
the mind sustains and
when the mind lose control,
the heart reigns.
Thus it goes for most of all earthy living,
no extra taxing, no turmoil.


I adore you lifey
Trust me I do.
Your nonstop tyrannies make my heart bleed
but the frothy fever of my love never recedes.
I know you won’t believe but I have
no less than complete trust in my humble seed.
It grows stronger with every strife;
you fully know I am afraid not of your glistening knife.
Cut me out if you so desire
but my rebellious innards will endure your fire.
Give me more, give me more
standing on the rickety roof
I shout my heart in a throaty sore.
Though I am crest fallen but my audacious puny self
is ready to embark on a journey unknown
that stretches my tender frame
but finds unyielding my robust brain.
I water my ambitions, I feed my goals
like a faithful servant I work morn till dawn.
I full know they will larger grow
when the time comes they will remarkably glow.
You see me as an adult,
roaring fuming fiery fecund
but you know not I am
a surly burly stubborn child
who rests not till the parents abide
by my nasty artsy quirky side;
though this remains my secret side.
I know you know and still don’t know
I am chirpy cheery side by side.
You set the sage
I refuse to act
you turn your back
I still don’t react.
You play me games
and make me run.
I take it all, for when you smile,
my nights are dreamy, my days agile.