Károly Fellinger

photo © Jenő Görföl
Károly Fellinger was born in 1963, in Bratislava. He lives in Jelka since his childhood. He was the founder and editor of the quarterly review Words of Jelka (Jelčianské slovo) between 1993 and 2003. He used to work as an agronomist, now he runs his own smallholding. He has published 18 books in Hungarian so far. Most of them are collections of poems for adults and children, a village monograph and tales. As a mythographer, he collected the tales and legends of Mátyusföld (region of the Mátyus, Matúšova zem). His volumes of poetry have been published in English, German, Romanian, Serbian, French, Russian, Slovak, Turkish, Spanish, Albanian and Greek. He has been awarded the Golden Opus Prize of the SZMÍT (Hungarian Writers‘ Association of Slovakia) twice, the Imre Forbáth Prize for the best collection of poetry written in Hungarian in 2014 and the Madách Award. In 2013, he was the winner of the Bóbita poetry contest of the Hungarian Writers‘ Association. He was a deputy of the municipal council for twenty years and the deputy mayor for four years.