Poetry: Wani Nazir

Wani Nazir


In those wintry nights
A flurry of snow fell
On the canvas of my imagination,
Filling the crevices of my being
with its eerie chill;
The thaw of my emotions
Stirred and melted the lumps down
To miniscule drops;
Wrenching out from those crevices
Of my being,
The drops drew some lines
On the canvas;
The lines changed into letters,
The letters to words.
Words sprawled in the vacuum
Of my imagination,
Dissipated, dissolved,
And ordered
Till a beautiful poem was born;
A journey from chaos to cosmos!


In those moonless grief-stricken nights,
When the sails of humid fretful air, astir,
Ferried my long-fermented longings
Through the sea of stygian darkness
To the shore of your so impervious heart;
When in the oasis of the firmament,
Shell of its life rived, a star panted frantically
For sucking in the last dregs of fuel
To exude some frayed streaks of light;
When a rose waited for the wee hours
Of the serene morning
For a mirror of dew
To niche upon its petals
Only to watch it die away
Along with the shattered images

Of the unseen presences
With the first streak of the sun;
When I turned into
The dust of my imaginative journey
Set out from nothingness to nothingness;
When the atoms of the dust
Were whipped away
By some eerie wind
To the island of my wishes,
And settled there eternally;
You saw, yes, you realised
That my long-fermented longings
Sprout into flowers in profusion
In the dust, turned into a moist layer,
And realised in aromatic chemistry
Writ on their leaves and petals.
You didn't ever desire to breathe in the fragrance
Lest you should regret your imperviousness.


Fraught was my bosom
With dreams dewy and pristine.
Into the abyss of midnight
When, the sable hours dropped in,
The laments of a widow,
The sobs of an orphan,
The indescernable tears
Of a pelletted eye,
The shrieks of a father
Who in the evening
Had trudged along
With the coffin of his lone son,
The wails of the mother
Whose eyes fatigued
Looking at her emptied lap,
Transmogried into
A collosal smoldering fireball.
And with a forceful thud,
Exploded on my rib-cage;

The simmering splinters
Pierced into my bosom;
The dreams blew off
Into shards innumerable,
Some pieces here,
Some pieces there,
In uncanny stupor,
Groaning and moaning
On their doom.
And I...
Marooned in a cul-de- sac!

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