Quotable One-Liners by Anurag Sharma

Anurag Sharma
Sometimes, an idea flashes in my mind and then refuses to get out of it. My way of getting rid of a stubborn thought is by burying it deep down in my notebook before attempting to forget about it. Sometimes I am so sad to see the damage done by a common saying, or belief that I feel like countering it. That's how my one-liners are born most of the time. Here are a few FYRP. - Anurag Sharma
  • Don't act, just act!
  • Fix problem, not responsibility
  • Ignorance is extremely thrilling
  • Food doesn't kill, company does
  • Past isn't here, future is still there
  • A perfect rumor has an expiry date
  • The best can always get a little better
  • Art can't stand on its own, furniture does
  • Today's childishness is tomorrow's youth
  • Where there is a will, there is an attorney
  • Today's greed destroys tomorrow's goods
  • A company is known by the men it keeps
  • Generosity brightens the darkest situations
  • Lasting relationships are like one-way roads
  • The disease gets deceased by killing the patient
  • Visibility enables trust, familiarity brings comfort
  • I hate being pregnant, I love being a parent though
  • One who supports everyone, actually supports none
  • Irony is when your laptop is lighter than your phone
  • Patience without power is like a candle without wick
  • What finish line? Nice guys never cared about rat race
  • Every outsider is a potential insider from the other side
  • Being thankful is a world apart from just saying thanks
  • You build your character, while others build your image
  • You are not frugal until you use coupons at a dollar store
  • Friendship requires more than one, breakup needs just one
  • Your Facebook friend list is an indicator of your reliability
  • Avoiding minor conflicts will eventually drag you into major wars
  • Power exposes the corrupt. Absolute power exposes them absolutely
  • Every resistance has a price tag and you can buy as much as you can afford
  • Half the mess is caused by human errors, the rest is due to the correction efforts
  • The job of turning dreams into reality can be outsourced, not the act of dreaming
  • 'God bless you' doesn't necessarily indicate one's faith. It indicates good intentions
  • Power is always a weakness, though a shortcoming can turn into strength occasionally
  • A rikishi* resists the power of the opponent while a judoka** manipulates it - Agility wins
  • If you have so many friends that you can't count them, you probably can't count on them either
  • Characters make good stories, authors make them better, but the best ones are decided by the readers
  • The intellect of the authoritarians is recognized by force, the authority of the intellectuals is a paradox.
*rikishi = a wrestler especially a Sumo who uses brute force to defeat the opponents
**judoka = one who practices Judo

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