Poetry: Iulia Gherghei

Iulia Gherghei

The Icicle darts

The white storm
The snow fall
The silence wall
Broken by the harsh winds
The winds with thousands of claws
Icicle darts built a new architecture
Frostbite  spread up like blossoms in spring
A white desert ravished by blizzard
A map of lost and found
Of  white storms
Of snow falls
Of silence walls

Preparing the winter scene

Last night the sky gave birth to
A half fat moon
She was hanging there
So close that my hand could
Cuddle her golden belly
And I remember that winter is coming
So the sky gets closer
Even the clouds today
A whole army of airy muses
Slowly navigating by my windows
Even them are much lower
More cuddled into my space
Like a winter coat you wrap it tight
Around you as if the air will actually burn you with its coldness
Am I ready for this winter
For this dramatic display by my windows
Am I ready for the perfect silence after the snow storm
Am I ready to live inside the snow ball my sky will become....

Short movie with fog

The melancholy spreads its veils
Over the barren trees
Cinematic, the fog moves slowly
The earth is muted and
The silence takes the form of the glasses
The fractured time would do anything
To glue its shards back but
The splinters of the luscious and velvety
Fabric break through the time warp
And continuosly chew the elusive dream
The fog pushes its vapours away from my window
The barren trees are dripping sadness
From all their branches
Cinematic, I implode and as a dust particle
I join the seas of melancholy

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